Smoked Salmon Orzo Salad

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This Smoked Salmon Orzo Salad, with a refreshing creamy lemon dressing, is a perfect summer dish.

Ben’s Panicking

Could you believe my friends it’s already July? Even though we’ve got only a few weeks of official summer having passed, I’m starting to be a little nervous. Seriously, all seasons are so short that there’s no chance you get sick and tired of eating or making seasonal things. Please, cherries and watermelons, don’t leave me.

As it often happens to me, I need some time to speed up. At first, I might not have many (any) good ideas. However, as weeks start to quickly pass by, I always find some interesting concepts. Well, do you know that feeling when you’ve got an amazing cherry recipe in September, my friends?

If yes, you might understand me. It’s like you’re trying to embrace all the possible ingredients and food. Unfortunately, that’s impossible unless you’ve got tons of available time and money. And 9 stomachs like my favorite ALF (Do you remember this sitcom?) happened to have.

If I had more time and money, still there are not enough people around me to feed.

On top of that, I always go ahead. Thus, even though it’s only the beginning of July, practically, I already have the material for the next 3 weeks.

Oh boy. Stop complaining, Ben. Let people enjoy some beautiful summer food and this Smoked Salmon Orzo Salad.

Smoked Salmon Orzo Salad

I’m a huge fan of pasta salads. However, I’m quite picky about a pasta salad. First of all, I do not accept a pasta salad as a side dish. It must be enough for me. I just don’t count salads in spoons – only in bowls.

Also, I do not accept a soggy pasta salad when the ratio of the salad and dressing isn’t correct. Hint: the ratio of 1 cup of salad to 1 cup of dressing is wrong. Normally, I go with a good drizzle of olive oil and balsamic which is enough for a pasta salad. However, I’m not completely against of mayo dressings. It has to be in a very moderate amount. Yes, I’m a weirdo who prefers the taste of pasta over the dressing.

This Smoked Salmon Orzo Salad is the perfect summer salad to me. Why? Let me give you a couple of reasons.

1. Smoked salmon is good protein and fat source.
2. Fresh vegetables such as asparagus, cucumber, and radishes make this salad delicious, healthy, juicy, and crunchy.
3. Creamy but light lemon walnut dressing is a delightful summery part which holds all ingredients together.
4. Orzo (or any other small-shaped pasta) supplies us with carbs and thus, makes us happy.
5. And if you follow my rule to have a pasta salad as the main dish, well that means more pasta salad on your plate.

Great news, isn’t it?



5 thoughts on “Smoked Salmon Orzo Salad

  1. Marissa says:

    I know what you mean about the fleeting fruits and vegetables of summer – I always want them to stay just a little longer.

    Ben, this salad is just absolutely gorgeous. And I love the ratio of pasta to veggies, perfect in my book!
    Marissa recently posted…S’mores BrowniesMy Profile

  2. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    I feel your pain, Ben! Even if I had enough time to make all the berry recipes I have in mind, I could never find enough people to eat them! But this salad sounds delicious, and a great dinner for summer. Have a great weekend, my friend!

  3. Anu - My Ginger Garlic Kitchen says:

    Yeah, it is hard to believe that this is July already. And this summer holiday month is going even faster, but I am not complaining about it. I am only complaining about the fact that there will be no melons and no cherries. ;( But this salad, this is an ideal summer feast in the form of a vibrant salad. I have yet to try walnut oil, so I guess I can start with this droolicious dressing. Have a wonderful time, Ben. :)
    Anu – My Ginger Garlic Kitchen recently posted…Goan Sanna | Mangalorean Idlis | Goan Steamed Rice Cake | Video RecipeMy Profile

  4. David @ Spiced says:

    I am a HUGE fan of smoked salmon, and I love the idea of incorporating it into this orzo pasta salad. Sounds like the perfect summer meal right there! So I’ve never used walnut oil, but I see that you include it in the dressing. Sounds like fun! I typically go with olive oil, but I might need to mix it up here. Great recipe, my friend! And I hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend coming up!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Goat Cheese and Chive Stuffed Piquante PeppersMy Profile

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