Chocolate Maple Whiskey Cake

This Chocolate Maple Whiskey Cake combines thick chocolate maple biscuit layers, decadent maple-whiskey buttercream, and toasted walnuts.

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Dandelion Pesto

Dandelion Pesto

Dandelion Pesto with walnuts is a unique twist on a traditional pesto with a subtly bitter and peppery taste. So good in pasta or on a toast!

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Healthy Prune Walnut Candy

These Healthy Prune Walnut Candy made with a few ingredients, and they are refined sugars free.

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Eggplant Walnut Basil Pasta

This Eggplant Walnut Basil Pasta is a simple yet scrumptious and hearty summer dish that is ready in 30 minutes.

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Cherry Chicken Smoked Cheese Salad

Cherry Chicken Smoked Cheese Salad with a simple and light dressing is the perfect dish to enjoy the cherry season!

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