Beetroot Walnut Prune Dip

Beetroot Walnut Prune Dip

This Beetroot Walnut Prune Dip is irresistibly delicious. It’s sweet, salty, and most importantly, it’s a breeze to make.

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Raw Prune Walnut Truffles

Raw Prune Walnut Truffles

These Raw Prune Walnut Truffles made with a few ingredients, and they are refined sugars free.

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Creamy Chicken Breasts with Prunes

These Creamy Chicken Breasts with Prunes make the comfort and delicious yet not overly heavy meal. And it doesn’t call for any lavender.

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Creamy Prune Millet Porridge

This Creamy Prune Millet Porridge is a delicious way to jazz up your traditional breakfast.

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Chicken Celery Prune Walnut Salad

Although this Chicken Celery Prune Walnut Salad might not look like the most appetizing dish, it’s indeed very delicious.

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