Fig Blue Cheese Flatbread

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Fig Blue Cheese Flatbread with aromatic rosemary, pine nuts, and honey is an excellent way to utilize some fresh figs (If you have got any.)

Figs, figs

Hello everyone. Happy rainy Monday! Well that’s according to our current weather situations. I hope it’s much better in your area. Don’t get it wrong – I don’t mind rain at all, and I even enjoy a good one every now and then. But Monday combined with a pouring rain, my grumpy mood, and feeling sleepy? Humm I guess I’d rather keep it short today! :)

I’ve got some news, and some of them might be even shocking.

I am cancelling the apple season! Shocking, right? There’s nothing wrong with either me or apples. I have been enjoying them every day a lot; however, as a food blogger, I have not posted any apple recipe yet. In fact, I have only developed two apples recipes (And lots of pumpkin.) As you might or might not have noticed, I have been really dedicated to all the wild mushroom and fig recipes so far this fall.

More Figs

Indeed, I was going to post the last one (either fig or wild mushroom) recipe this week reserving the remaining for the later time (Because it’s not so hard to find both wild mushrooms and figs throughout the year). However, Andrew brought 3 cases of fresh figs last Saturday. Apparently, it’s a HUGE sale at one of Nova Scotia’s markets, and a case of black mission figs (~15 fruit) costs only 5$ or so. I mean, you cannot miss such an opportunity.

3 cases ~ 45 figs = a lot of figs! I am not complaining, though. However, even though I “closed” my fig season some time ago, I couldn’t resist. The result? Two fig recipes more in addition of already existed (yet not posted) ideas. I might reserve one of them for the next time, but I am certainly sharing with you another one this week. just cannot decide – oatmeal or crepes…What would you prefer?

Food bloggers’ life is so unpredictable and challenging, right? lol Still, I will share with you some apple and pumpkin recipes before the Christmas time…of course if Andrew didn’t bring anything unplanned!

Lastly, I must share with you my new field of interest. A month ago or so I tried making flatbread from scratch (On a skillet), and we were amazed with the result. You can record my solemn statement that I am not buying flatbread, including Naan, anymore. If you check the recipe for this Fig Brie Prosciutto Flatbread (I just updated the photos including another Daisy’s appearance (Surprisingly, not stealing anything this time.) which I made with a store-bough flatbread, you will see the difference. Delicious? Yes. But thin, flat, and sad. Nope – no thin, flat, and sad flatbreads anymore!

Fig Blue Cheese Flatbread

back to this Fig Blue Cheese Flatbread (Which was developed prior to my weekend surplus of figs). What can I tell you? It’s scrumptious. You know this yourself. Delicious homemade flatbread (It’s okay to use store-bought, of course), figs, cream cheese, blue cheese, pine nuts, and rosemary. If you don’t like pungent kinds of cheese, just swap it for some grated cheddar or parmesan. And of course while not mandatory, a drizzle of honey is recommended.

I hope you like this Fig Blue Cheese Flatbread, and you will give it a try soon or whenever you have fresh figs on hand!

7 thoughts on “Fig Blue Cheese Flatbread

  1. Laura says:

    I love figs, Ben! I don’t know about the varieties you have there, but figs here have 2 seasons a year, spring and fall! There’s often figs to be had. The black figs you are using are my absolute favorite! Love them with a bleu cheese, too! I’m tempted to make these for dinner soon! Nice recipe!

  2. Leanne says:

    I adore figs and blue cheese together! I wish I had that stash of figs to go through. And that’s an incredible deal on them. I’ve never seen figs that cheap around here. As for flat bread, making my own is on the list. And I’d love to use it for this fig blue cheese combo!

  3. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    You can’t cancel apple season, Ben, because I love me some apples!! BUT, you can continue to post all the mushroom and fig recipes, because I love those too!!! Unfortunately, I STILL can’t find fresh figs here!!! Ugh. So jealous you can find them AND at such a great price! Eat a few of these flatbreads for me, because they look deeeeelish!!!!!!!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Creamy Sausage Pasta RecipeMy Profile

  4. David @ Spiced says:

    Oh man, I am so jealous right now! 15 figs for $5!? And that’s probably Canadian dollars, so it would be even less here in the States. I’m tempted to drive up for those – haha! Great use of those figs here. You know I love flatbreads, and blue cheese + figs is a great combination. Well done, my friend, well done. And thank Andrew for finding that incredible deal, too!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Bacon Cheddar Pull Apart BreadMy Profile

  5. Katherine | Love In My Oven says:

    I can’t BELIEVE you’re canceling the apple season Ben! I”m shocked in fact! But you make up for it with some delicious flatbreads ;) I have to admit, I still can’t get behind blue cheese but I do keep trying…so maybe one day. My husband on the other hand LOVES blue cheese so he would be all over this!

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