Fig Brie Prosciutto Flatbread

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Ready just in 15 minutes, this sweet and savoury Fig Brie Prosciutto Flatbread is an easy and delicious autumn meal.

This post was originally published in September 2017. I have uploaded new photos (With an appearance of Daisy. You love it, right?) and slightly improved the recipe while the blogpost itself remains the same.

Hi, friends! First of all, I’m glad to report I haven’t met any coyotes since last Monday although I continued to use this trail. That’s the good news, right? Now, how’s the beginning of the fall going? Are you enjoying the nice but crisp days?

If you are, well, don’t tell or otherwise, I’ll be jealous. It’s been outrageously hot in here lately. This weekend the temperate has reached at least 30 degrees (Celsius) with the humidex approaching 40. Grrr. Since I like to spend at least some time being active on my weekends, this time I’ve adjusted my schedule having started my days off at 9 a.m. on Saturday and at 7 a.m. on Sunday and thus, been back by the afternoon.

Anyways, I’ve noticed most of the bloggers I read, are all about apple recipes which absolutely makes sense. Seriously, there’s not much time left until the Christmas season, so it’s the right time for some amazing fall recipes.

I haven’t posted any apple recipes yet. However, I’ve already got 3 ideas so, possibly, when you start working on pumpkin recipes, I will post my first apple :) Also, there’s another little season between the summer and pumpkins to me. Figs. That’s why I’m excited to share this Fig Brie Prosciutto Naan Pizza with you.

 Fig Brie Prosciutto Naan Pizza

Last year this time I had a blast having developed and posted few fig recipes. I felt like dedicating these recipes to my dear food buddies who missed the fig season (Hello, Chey and David! I hope you’re luckier this time). Let me just remind those recipes.

Ricotta Fig Lavender Crostini

Fig Pear Barley Salad

Fig Brie Blue Cheese Pasta Bake

Cardamom Coffee Fig Ice Cream

This Fig Brie Prosciutto Flatbread might not be as unique as some of above ideas, but I’m quite positive you’ll like it. Besides, this is my premier because it’s the first naan-based pizza on this blog. As the matter of fact, having seen millions (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. Hundreds would be the correct word) naan pizza ideas posted by Chey, I finally was inspired and decided to give it a try. My friends, if you haven’t tried a Naan pizza yet, you’re wasting your time. Personally, I’ve got a list of fall ideas which I’d like to make, and there’re seasonal naan pizza ideas as well.

Will see how things go with other ideas, but in a meanwhile, let’s enjoy this Fig Brie Prosciutto Flatbread. This is an utterly delicious and heavenly fall combo you’ve got to try. There’s only one thing I should alert you. Prosciutto and flatbread are quite salty things so try finding Naan bread with as less sodium as possible. Personally, this pizza turned out a little too salty for my taste, but it was still scrumptious.

Happy fall, my friends!

Happy Naan Pizza Fall!

Original Photo, 2017

12 thoughts on “Fig Brie Prosciutto Flatbread

  1. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    Well I certainly hope there aren’t any more coyotes in your future, Ben! And, OMG, I giggled so hard at the apple n’ pumpkin thing!!! You are too funny. I can’t wait to see what apple recipes you finally post! ;) Until then I’ll be stuffing my face with ALL the Fig & Brie Pizza!! You already know I love this, because, hellooooo NAAN! But, fig, brie and prosciutto!? Stop it! SO GOOD! Cheers, buddy!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Pumpkin Pie Martini [with recipe video]My Profile

  2. Marissa says:

    Still hot there, wow! We’ve been having some cool, crisp days, but I bet we still have a few warm days before the fall really hits.

    Gorgeous naan pizza, Ben! I’m all about figs especially when paired with prosciutto and brie! So this is right up my alley.

  3. Laura says:

    Sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy – dang, if it doesn’t meet all my checkmarks! I think this is what’s for dinner, tonight! I’ve been seeing fig recipes all over the place and so many in stores, it would be wrong not to make this, don’t you think? Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    LOVE figs, Ben! If I can bring myself not to scarf them down plain, I’m definitely going to try this naan pizza. It looks so good! Thank goodness you haven’t seen any more coyotes. Maybe they’re hiding out because it’s too hot :). Maybe not. . .have a great week, my friend!

  5. David @ Spiced says:

    Oh, you and your figs, Ben! I haven’t seen any figs in the stores yet this year. I don’t know what it is about upstate New York and figs! I found some last year, but only after calling a zillion stores and driving all the way across town. Crazy! Anyways, I love the naan pizza idea. And of course I love the fig + brie + prosciutto topping. This sounds like my kind of fun dinner! Also, what is up with the weather? It’s been so hot here, too, but it looks like the weather is going to finally turn more Fall-like at the end of the week. I hope it cools off up in your area then, too! Have a great week, my friend!

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