Lilac Ice Cream

Lilac Ice Cream

Lilac Ice Cream is a luscious dessert with a delicate floral flavour. Also, it’s super easy to make because is doesn’t require making the custard base. No-churn version is included!

Lilac Ice Cream
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Lilac Love Continues

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday. In Russian, there’s a proverb saying that :”Wednesday is a little Friday”. Why not indeed? I have always said that Wednesday should be an extra day off. Who is with me? Let’s sign the petition! lol.

But we don’t need to wait until that day (Which, sadly, might never occur.) It’s a great day for some indulgence, don’t you think so?

As you can see, I continue with all those lilac-infused recipes. Crazy, right? The forgotten lavender probably feels jealous haha. So far, I have shared these lovely ideas:

Lilac Shortbread Cookies

Lilac Martini Vermouth Cocktail

Blueberry Oatmeal with Lilac Syrup

Lilac Syrup

If you think I am about to be done, please think again! There are at least 3 other lilac ideas I will be sharing with you! Believe it, I have more, but they will probably not be posted even though the photos are pretty. Will see. Competition (of recipes) is high!

However, what I definitely could not miss is some ice cream! Thus, I am opening the season of homemade ice cream with this Lilac Ice Cream.

Lilac Ice Cream

While I normally enjoy custard-based ice cream, this time I opted for a simplified version, with whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk. Since I have an ice cream maker, I used it anyway, but you can totally make no-churn ice cream. Please note that this version is rather soft and fast-melting (Thanks to the addition of light cream and the syrup). If you want firmer ice cream, use only whipping cream. I would also recommend doing this with a no-churn version.

For those Lilac Shortbread Cookies I infused butter. This time we are going to infuse the heavy cream. That means you will need to plan accordingly as it takes time. You can steep the cream overnight and make the ice cream the next morning!

Subtle and Delicate Flavour

The lilac flavour, as with the cookies, is subtle and delicate. Definitely it’s not as strong as with lavender or roses, but I think it’s a bonus. With lavender, it’s so easy to turn your dessert tasting like soap, right? I didn’t add any lilac florets into the ice cream, and I won’t recommend you doing that. First of all, they might introduce some grassy aftertaste. Secondly, I think the texture will be strange.

Rich and refreshing at the same time, we enjoyed it with some of those lilac cookies. That’s a perfect pairing in my book!

So I hope you like this ice cream. If you make it, let me know in this post or send me an Instagram  message or share you photos adding the hashtag #havocinthekitchen. Also don’t forget to make some lilac syrup as you might want to have for my upcoming recipes!

Cheers for now!

Lilac Ice Cream
Lilac Ice Cream

Lilac Ice Cream

Recipe by Ben | HavocinthekitchenCourse: Dessert


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Cooling and Steeping



This Lilac Ice Cream is a luscious dessert with a delicate floral flavour. Also, it’s super easy to make because is doers not require making the custard base.


  • 3 cups whipping (35%) cream

  • 1/2 cup coffee (18%) cream – see notes

  • 2 cups lilac florets, tightly packed (all green parts and leaves removed) – see notes

  • 2/3 to 1 cup sweetened condensed milk – see notes

  • 3-4 tablespoons of lilac syrup (optional) – see notes

  • a tiny pinch of salt


  • Combine the cream and lilacs in a medium saucepan and bring to a soft boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for about 5 minutes, covered and stirring occasionally (The lilacs could stick to the bottom of the pan.)
  • Off heat. let the cream stay for at least 2-3 hours to steep or up to overnight, covered and refrigerated. Please note that the longer you steep it, the more flavour you get, but also it might turn a bit grassy-tasting. So I would recommend steep 2-3 hours and then check if you’re satisfied with the flavour. Once infused, discard the solids using a mesh sieve.
  • Combine the infused cream with sweetened condensed milk, syrup (if using), and a tiny pinch of salt. Adjust the sweetness by adding more of the condensed milk.
  • You have two options now. If you have an ice cream maker, place the custard into its cup and process as instructed by your manufacturer’s manual. Once ready, transfer to a container and refrigerate for few hours. Or you can transfer the custard into a container and freeze right away, without churning. It will take longer to firm it up. Enjoy!


  • The addition of coffee cream will result in softer ice cream that will melt faster. For the firmer version, as well as no-churn version, use an additional 1/2 cup of whipping cream instead.
  • Green parts (stems and leaves) could result in grassy and even bitter aftertaste.
  • Of course, you can adjust the amount of condensed milk to your liking. Most people will probably want to use more than 1 cup of it. Since there are no raw eggs involved, it’s easy – just try and use more, if needed.
  • If you don’t use the lilac syrup, I’d recommend using additional 3-4 tbsp. of the sweetened condensed milk. Also, the addition of the syrup makes the ice cream softer.

14 thoughts on “Lilac Ice Cream

  1. Aarthi says:

    This is a perfect summer treat, I like this recipe with no eggs and can make it without a ice cream maker, I should try it this lilac flavor, thanks for sharing!

  2. Abbe@This is How I Cook says:

    OMG! My lilacs are gone and I must sadly wait until next year. I am saving all your lilac recipes, as we are also putting in 6 more bushes in addition to what we have. Now if I could just take photos like you!

  3. David @ Spiced says:

    Ah, what a fun way to open up ice cream season! I see that you have really embraced the lilac flavor – I think I can get on board with that! :-) I do love the smell of lilac, but you are right that there’s a fine line before it turns into a bath soap. Haha! I typically make custard-based ice creams, but I also appreciate a good no-churn version, too. This sounds quite tasty!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Southwestern Pasta SaladMy Profile

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