Candied Bacon Fig Bruschetta

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Candied Bacon Fig Bruschetta is a simple yet elegant and delicious autumn bruschetta. It can be easily customized, too.

Hello, everyone. I will apologize right away – it’s been a busy week, so I haven’t had a chance to meet all your delicious creations. I will have quite a few (According to Bloglovin’ more like a dozen! lol) recipes to catch up on! Thus, I am going to keep it super short today, okay?

Candied Bacon Fig Bruschetta

This Candied Bacon Fig Bruschetta is hearty and awesome! Does it sound too fattening? No worries. I did use turkey (or chicken) bacon, so this bruschetta is packed with protein with no excessive fats. You can certainly utilize lean bacon (back bacon or Canadian bacon) which is low in calories but has a stronger flavour profile. Certainly, you can go ahead and opt for traditional bacon. Moreover, if you feel fancy, why not caramelize some prosciutto for some amazing smoked flavours?

As you see, you’ve got some options. Then, if you don’t like honey, you can simply swap for maple syrup. If you don’t have maple syrup or honey, use some brown sugar – just be careful not to burn your bacon.

Unfortunately, some of my fellow American bloggers noted it’s hard to get fresh figs in their area. That’s unfortunate. However, you can certainly use dried figs. Find those that are large and soft-like (I believe some Turkish figs are a great). You might want to chop them instead of slicing. If they are too firm and chewy, you can always soak them in warm water for 10 minutes then squeeze well. You don’t have any solid reason to avoid making this Candied Bacon Fig Bruschetta, you see! Dried figs would also work in this Fig Polenta – just chop then finely.

New Photos of Daisy. Yes she is THAT big already!

Lastly, someone has recently asked about Daisy. That’s so true – I haven’t shared Daisy’s photos for a while. Consider it done! She’s so grown up now, as you can see. 7,5 months. She still loves prosciutto very much, but she also didn’t mind this turkey bacon, either.

I hope you like this Candied Bacon Fig Bruschetta, and you will make it one day. You can also try this Ricotta Fig Lavender Bruschetta. Happy weekend and see you next week.

5 thoughts on “Candied Bacon Fig Bruschetta

  1. Marissa says:

    My mouth is watering thinking of this flavor combination!! Such a perfect app for the holiday season. And how cute is little Daisy? I just want to cuddle her.

  2. Ron says:

    Ben, I love figs and we’re just begining to see black figs from Southern Europe at our market. Bruschetta is always welcome at my table as well. The only problem I’m having is deciding if I should try your Candied Bacon Fig Bruschetta for breakfast, as an appy or both.
    Have you ever tried soaking dried Turkish figs in a good quality port? I let them soak for about a month, then serve with a nice cheese and port. If you try it be sure and prick holes in the figs…
    Ron recently posted…Funen Rygeost a Danish smoked cheeseā€¦My Profile

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