Black Sesame Seed Crepes

Black Sesame Seed Crepes

These Black Sesame Seed Crepes are a twist on a classic recipe where toasted black sesame seeds get added to the batter for a pleasant nutty flavour and dramatic colour. This is a perfect recipe for your Halloween celebration (if you dare to try them.)

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Black Sesame Seed Crepes

Hey folks – how are you doing?

Today I am so excited to share with you another Halloween idea.

As I previously mentioned in my other post(s), I have been utilizing black sesame seeds to develop Halloween recipe collection a lot. They easily add that spooky element to any dish – without spending too much of your time for actual food styling and décor. And they are delicious, too!

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Black Sesame Seed Crepes

This is a basic recipe for crepes with the addition of black sesame seeds. You will simply need to pulse the toasted sesame seeds in a blender until resembles powder or paste, depending on how powerful your blender is. Then simply stir in the batter. I was worried that the crepes would be sticking to a pan, or it would be challenging to flip them, but everything was perfect.

One side of a crepe will be more eon a brown side of the spectrum, but the second side will have a nice grey-ish hue. Also, Andrew suggested to serve them with a cranberry sauce and jam, which I did, for a lovely contrast.

Cranberry jam/sauce worked wonderfully with a subtle nutty flavour, and they are also good just on their ow. In fact, I think, they would be a great addition to a savoury Asian-inspired recipe. Think of a modern twist on spring rolls; I think these crepes will go well with vegetables, beans, meats, cheeses, dips, and many other things!

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I hope you like this Black Sesame Seed Crepes, and you will give it a try soon. If you make it, let me know in this post or send me an Instagram message or share you photos adding the hashtag #havocinthekitchen.


Black Sesame Seed Crepes
Black Sesame Seed Crepes

Black Sesame Seed Crepes

Recipe by Ben | HavocinthekitchenCourse: Dessert, Breakfast, Main


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Black Sesame Seeds Crepes are a twist on a classic recipe where toasted black sesame seeds get added to the batter for a pleasant nutty flavour and dramatic colour. This is a perfect recipe for your Halloween celebration (if you dare to try them.)


  • 1/2 to 2/3 cup toasted black sesame seeds

  • 1 tbsp. (15 gr.) butter

  • 1 and 1/2 cup warm water

  • 1 cup milk

  • 2 eggs

  • 2/3 cup (~95 gr.) flour

  • a little pinch of salt and sugar, each


  • To make the paste, place the toasted black sesame seeds in a blender / grinder and pulse few times for about 20-40 seconds. If your blender is not too powerful, you can help it by adding a spoon or so of water. Depending on how powerful your blender is, you will get the mixture resembling paste or powder (either way will work.)
  • Combine the mixture with 1 and 1/2 cups of warm water, and whisk to slightly combine.
  • Sift the flour and add the sugar and salt into a large bowl. Gradually add the milk and sesame seed mixture, constantly mixing with a wire whisk, until homogeneous.
  • Incorporate the eggs, one at a time, whisking.
  • Add the melted butter, whisk.
  • Refrigerate the batter for at least 30-40 minutes (preferably 1 to 2 hours). Once chilled, the batter will thicken up (sesame seeds also works as a thickening agent), so you will need to adjust its consistency by adding a spoon or so of water or milk.
  • Preheat the crepe pan over low-medium heat; it should be hot enough. Slightly grease it with oil or butter.
  • Pour enough batter to thinly coat the base and tilt the pan to create an even thickness (for a 9 inch pan about 1/4 cup of batter will be enough.) Cook until the top of the crepe is no longer wet and the bottom has turned light brown and edges are crisp and lacy, 1 to 2 minutes. Flip and cook for another minute or so. Adjust the heat as needed. One side will be more browned while the other one – grey/black.
  • PRO-TIPS: first one or two crepes are the “test crepes”. They might not turn well, and that’s perfectly normal. If you struggle with flipping a crepe, it could mean you need to grease the pan more generously or preheat the pan a bit longer. It is also the time when you check out the batter consistency and can adjust it (by adding about 1/2 tbsp. of flour or 1-2 tbsp. of water or milk. However, as black sesame seeds also work here as a thickening agent, you will likely need more liquid.) If crepes keep breaking, you can whisk in another egg – it will help make them more elastic; this also mean you should play with the heat settings – they may need lower/higher temperature. Also, try the first “test” crepe and add more salt or sugar, if necessary.
  • Transfer a baked crepe on a plate and repeat with the remaining batter. Depending on your pan size and thickness of the batter, this amount of batter will yield 7 to 9crepes. Enjoy plain, with sweet or savoury toppings.

13 thoughts on “Black Sesame Seed Crepes

  1. Raymund says:

    These Black Sesame Seed Crepes sound like a unique and intriguing twist on classic crepes. The addition of black sesame seeds not only adds a subtle nutty flavor but also creates a dramatic color contrast. A perfect choice for a Halloween celebration! ???????????? Thanks for sharing this creative recipe idea!

  2. Judee says:

    I haven’t made crepes in a really long time. The addition of the black sesame seeds is interesting and certainly make them “spooky” for the Halloween season.

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