Crepes with Rose Jam

Crepes with Rose Jam

These Crepes with Rose Jam with salted pistachios and yogurt is a delicious dessert idea or even a sweet indulgent breakfast idea in case you feel fancy!

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Hello everyone – happy Monday! I know it might sound sarcastic for some of you. Yeah indeed Mondays can be quite rough. But I think any Monday would be so much better with some crepes. Or specifically with these Crepes with Rose Jam.

Rose Infused Recipes

Now, there’s a thing. I have loved using rose water for many years. However, last year I discovered the beauty of rose petal jam and rose syrup. Actually, I tried rose jam first time many, many years ago in Bulgaria. I think it has a sensational aroma (Of course if you love botanical flavours, and my love for lavender and recent lilac recipes proves this.) Anyways, it’s not so easy to find a jar of rose jam here in Canada. But luckily, last year, after moving to our house, I discovered lots of rosehip bushes in our forested area near to the house. How convenient, right?

By the way, I have tried making both jam and syrup with a few different types of roses, and I personally think rosehip (also known as rose haw) is the best because of its more delicate fragrance and petals. I think that’s great because rosehips are quite common, so I hope you would be able to gather some. trust me, you will need it as I will be sharing some lovely rose-infused ideas for the next couple of weeks. Including fancy cocktails.

So, last year I used that jam and syrup for this Rose Coconut Cardamom Oatmeal (so sweet and delicious!), Rose Lemon Baked Donuts, Strawberry Rose Sorbet, and this Rose Lemonade. Oh these last two are a must to beat this unbearable heat!

New season – new rose ideas. Who is excited?

Crepes with Rose Jam

Honestly, I was doubtful if I should share these Crepes with Rose Jam on the blog as it’s not really the recipe but only an idea on how to enjoy your crepes. On the other hand, the photos and crepes turned pretty lovely, so I decided to post it anyway. After all, that’s quite a unique way of serving crepes.

Basically, you will only need to make crepes (You can use any recipe or this one) and rose petal jam. Of course, you will need to make the jam in advance. Also, the rose syrup would absolutely work, especially if you don’t like the texture of the cooked petals (It’s hard to explain though haha!) Then, you will need some chopped pistachios. I recommend salted, to balance out the sweetness. Optionally, you can add a drizzle (or wedges) of lemon or lime juice, for tartness. While Greek or plain yogurt is optional, it’s a good addition, too. It makes these crepes at least a bit healthier, after all haha!

Just an Idea

No proportions, no guidelines. For each crepe you will need a spoon of jam or syrup or so. Again, you can customize to your preferences!

Now, imaging a scoop of ice cream, let’s say, cardamom infused ice cream or even infused yogurt for an ultimate dessert? (OMG why I didn’t have this brilliant idea three weeks ago?) Obviously, I was inspired by Persian-style cakes that use pistachios and rose water often.

I hope you like these Crepes with Rose Jam, and you will give this idea a try. If you make it, let me know in this post or send me an Instagram  message or share you photos adding the hashtag #havocinthekitchen. And if you aren’t impressed, well I still encourage you making some rose jam or syrup for our feature rose-infused ideas!


Crepes with Rose Jam
Crepes with Rose Jam

Crepes with Rose Jam

Recipe by Ben | HavocinthekitchenCourse: Dessert, Sweet Breakfast


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These Crepes with Rose Jam with salted pistachios and yogurt is a delicious dessert idea or even a sweet indulgent breakfast idea in case you feel fancy!


  • Crepes, this or your favourite recipe (2-3 crepes per serving)

  • Rose Petal Jam or Rose Syrup (Few spoons per serving)

  • Salted pistachios, roughly chopped

  • Greek or other plain yogurt (optional)

  • Other optional toppings: lemon juice or lemon wedges, ice cream


  • There’s no really the recipe. Just make crepes and rose syrup (or jam), both can be made in advance. Serve with about 1 tbsp. of (less or more, to taste) of the jam/syrup, a little sprinkle of pistachios. A tablespoon or so of the yogurt will nicely cuts the sweetness. The addition of lemon juice will add the tartness. Enjoy!


  • Please note the time does not include making crepes and jam (syrup). Keep in mind you will need about 1 hour to make crepes and at least few hours to make and chill the jam. I would recommend making the jam (syrup) one day ahead.

18 thoughts on “Crepes with Rose Jam

  1. David @ Spiced says:

    I’m glad you decided to share this recipe, Ben – sometimes the best recipes aren’t really recipes at all. They’re just suggestions as you said. Either way, the crepe king strikes again! And I can’t stop thinking about crepes with cardamom infused ice cream. That’s my style for sure!!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Grilled Bruschetta ChickenMy Profile

  2. Marissa says:

    This is the most romantic breakfast or dessert, Ben! I absolutely love it and need to make it ASAP for Keith!

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