Rose Lemonade

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This refreshing, aromatic, and delectable Rose Lemonade is a perfect drink for a sweltering summer day. Also, it’s made with real rose syrup – not rose water.

Hello, everyone. I hope you’re doing well. So am I – thanks for asking. In fact, after many posts of complaining about the weather, I am happy to admit I am finally satisfied. The heatwave (And the last one lasted for 5 days or so) is showing down, and while it’s still a little too hot to my liking, thanks to the morning rain, wind, and cloudy skies, it’s so much better.

That’s why I feel like talking today a little bit more. Let’stalk about food photography, then. About good and gifted folks (And I mean that. I honestly don’t consider myself a food photographer – just a guy who can occasionally (sometimes totally accidentally lol) take some not bad photos. The reason I shouldn’t think of myself as a food photographer is that I am super lazy. If I wasn’t SO lazy to learn more theoretical things about photography, I think I would have achieved way more by now. But I use more my intuition rather than science, when it comes to various aspects of photography, such as light, colour schemes, etc. But in fact this summer I have improved my skills a little, so I hope you notice this.

That’s not the point I wanted to talk about, though. Back to these good food photographers. Often I can hear from them that a food photo must have a concept, idea and tell you a story. It shouldn’t be just about food – it should be about what you want to tell its viewers via food (This somehow reminds me my school days, Russian literature classes, when a teacher would always ask us what an (apparently deceased a long time ago) poet or writer wanted to say by this. I always wanted to respond that they should ask the poet or writer directly as only they knew the answer lol.) Anyway, I agree with this statement, but only partially.

Having an idea is great, but the main focus should be on the food itself, right? To demonstrate the beauty of food (That could be so challenging, I admit!), its essence is the main purpose of photography. I might belong to a group of primitive ‘artists’, but I believe a good food photo should ignite your desire to try a recipe immediately, or it is when you can feel the way a dish tastes and smells. In other words, the main message a good photographer can use in their photo is when the food is screaming ‘Eat me!’ Moreover, it appears to me that sometimes an idea or message can be a distraction. Sometimes a couple of simple tricks and playing with the light is everything you need!

Having said that, every now and then, I want to pretend to be a good food photographer, with an idea or concept of my photo. I humbly believe that I achieved this with this Rose Lemonade. I named this series of photos…oh wait. Let’s check what you think instead guys? Hopefully, my concept and your impression are the same. If not…well I will pretend that I meant exactly how you feel about this work! :)

Talking about this Rose Lemonade, I am quite embarrassed to consider it a recipe. But the photos are pretty good, and the lemonade itself is wonderful. For this lemonade, you will need to make Rose Syrup or Rose Petal Jam first. I did like using the jam as petals are a beautiful addition, visually. Since the season of wild roses, I assume, is almost over, you can make a simple syrup infused with rose water. Be creative, too – the combination of rose flavour with berries and fruit (Think of strawberries, raspberries, and peaches) would be fantastic!

This Rose Lemonade is a delightful, refreshing, and with a pleasant botanical flavour, speaking of which can be adjusted to your preferences. August tend to be a hot moth, so why not fix yourself some lovely lemonade?

Cheers for now.

5 thoughts on “Rose Lemonade

  1. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    These photos are more than pretty good! They’re beautiful! I’ve never seen such pretty lemonade before, and it sounds delicious too!

  2. Neil says:

    I’m glad that you’re finally getting the weather you like most Ben. We’ve had the opposite from your recent heatwave, a complete downpour for days and days on end. Still, in the last couple of days it let up and I even got the BBQ out last night! Your Rose Lemonade would have been a perfect refreshing drink to go with that. The photographs are perfect!
    Neil recently posted…Chicken Tikka WrapsMy Profile

  3. Marissa says:

    I definitely see the difference, Ben, and I’m loving these photos in a scene. It makes the rose lemonade even more inviting! Such gorgeous color and what a refreshing flavor combinations.

  4. David @ Spiced says:

    I totally know what you mean about food photography. I didn’t take photography classes or anything, so I get lost when real food photographers start talking about the theoretical stuff. I understand the point about telling a story, and I see that you did that with these photos. The hat in the background makes me think of being outdoors on a sunny day. Speaking of sunny day, this lemonade sounds delicious! I love the rose syrup twist…this really would be perfect for the hot summer days that are coming in August. Cheers!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…No Churn Oreo Ice Cream BarsMy Profile

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