Cherry Couscous Salad

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This Cherry Couscous Salad with fresh herbs, salted pistachios, and goat’s cheese is an epitome to all refreshing, light yet satisfying, and delicious salads!

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by on such a hot (I assume) day; that’s a heroic attitude (Because personally, I want to lie down in a dark air-conditioned room, with a refreshing drink, and survive such days by doing nothing.) Just a couple of my thought before we talk about this delicious Cherry Couscous Salad.

  • I don’t like it’s almost the end of July. I have way too many summer ideas and recipes to try before embracing the apple and pumpkin season;
  • I don’t like these heat waves we’ve been experiencing over and over again. I know there are many places that have much worse weather situation, but that doesn’t make me feel better;
  • Cherries are ridiculously expensive this year. They ain’t the cheapest fruit, especially just at the beginning of the season (The end of May – the beginning of June), but they’re normally getting significantly cheaper in July. Still over 10$ / two pounds. We had a good deal only once, and we were smart to get A LOT OF cherries. That was the weekend when I utilized cherries in a few recipes; rather than that time, we enjoy fresh cherry on its own.

Sorry for being cantankerous today. That’s all the heat waves – they always make me this way. It’s going to be better in December lol.

Let’s briefly talk about this Cherry Couscous Salad. What’s inside:

  • Cooked couscous (Obviously). Please note that depending on the type of couscous, the cooking method might vary. Always check the package instructions. I usually use fine couscous which doesn’t require any cooking – I just add boiling water, olive oil, and salt and let it absorb it for about 5 minutes then fluff it up with a fork. Easy-peasy!;
  • Fresh chopped cherries (Obviously);
  • Goat’s cheese – other pungent/salty cheeses will do;
  • Salted pistachios – for a lovely crunch;
  • Greens/herbs. I chopped some mixed salad (spinach and arugula), and I also added a generous handful of mint and parsley – so refreshing!;
  • This salad doesn’t require any dressing (Of course no one will stop you from making a refreshing, maybe berry dressing) – just a drizzle of lime juice or balsamic. Plus, we’re using some olive oil for couscous.

I hope you like this Cherry Couscous Salad, and despite the heatwave, you might have been experiencing, you’ll be a strong person and give it a try (Because we cannot live on lemonade and ice cream – we need some substantial foods, too.)

Cheers for now!

4 thoughts on “Cherry Couscous Salad

  1. David @ Spiced says:

    I agree that the heat is baking everyone’s brains right now – although I might disagree with you that it will be better in December! The snow usually puts me in a pretty frumpy mood. Let’s go with ‘it’ll be better in October’. In the meantime, though, I love the flavors in this salad. The sweet + salty + couscous is a really fun combination. The Salad King strikes again!
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