Roasted Cherry Crostini

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Luscious and elegant Roasted Cherry Crostini with prosciutto, goat’s cheese, and pistachios is a summer epitome to cherry recipes!

Hi folks! I hope you are doing well and particularly dealing well with this horrible heat. I know many of you do enjoy hot weather, and that’s okay – no judgement. I don’t mind hot weather myself (However, comfortably hot weather is something not more than 25 degrees C to me.) But I do mind very much hot and humid situations. And trust me, it’s pretty bad here in Nova Scotia. It’s been around 3o degrees (actual temperature) with the humidex being 40. Where can I file my complain?

Anyways, I am using my summer approach I adopted back in June – keeping it sweet and short. Besides, who cares about reading when you can enjoy Roasted Cherry Crostini instead? What are these Roasted Cherry Crostini?

  • Mixed with balsamic and honey and quickly roasted cherries – so juicy and yum! If you lucky to have some sour cherries or black cherries that ain’t extremely sweet, use them. The caramelization process will make them sweeter;
  • Salty prosciutto;
  • Pungent goat’s cheese or similar cheeses;
  • Salted pistachios;
  • The combination of dried and fresh herbs

As you can see, these Roasted Cherry Crostini are the excellent combination of sweet and salty. Still, as noted above, the roasted cherries could turn rather sweet, so you might want to balance it out with some fresh and light notes, like some lemon zest. As always appropriate for many recipes, follow the instructions, but adjust to your liking! Also, try other cherry crostini ideas:

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8 thoughts on “Roasted Cherry Crostini

  1. Leanne says:

    We haven’t had a lot of hot days in Newfoundland, but today is a warm one! I’d love to have these crostini for dinner tonight with a glass of wine. Perfect for outside eating! And I love cherries!

  2. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    Oh Ben, I won’t even tell you what the temps are like here right now, haha! I’ve never roasted cherries before but it sounds delicious and I need to try it soon! This sounds delicious!

  3. Shashi says:

    These Roasted Cherry Crostini are some of the prettiest crosctini I’ve seen! Ben, I gotta be honest, when those slightly caramelized honey, herby, balsamic roasted cherries come out of the oven, I don’t think I’d have the self control to not eat them all, leaving me without any to make this! I’m loving the combo of sweet and salty – and you have textural variety here to with crunchy nuts and baguette and creamy goat cheese! Hope it cools down a bit for you over there – it’s been in the upper 30s C here as well – and super humid! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Shashi recently posted…By: charlaMy Profile

  4. Marissa says:

    You come up with the best crostini combinations, Ben! I’ve never roasted cherries, but I bet it really accentuates their natural sweetness.

    I hear you on the heat – it’s supposed to be 100˚F here today!

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