Couscous Trout Salad

Couscous Trout Salad

This Couscous Trout Salad with dried apricots and salted smoked almonds is a delicious, filling yet still relatively light recipe perfect for a cold winter day.

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Cherry Couscous Salad

This Cherry Couscous Salad with fresh herbs, salted pistachios, and goat’s cheese is an epitome to all refreshing, light yet satisfying, and delicious salads!

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Couscous, Roasted Oranges and Feta Salad


Last year I discovered so many new things in cooking. I won’t be giving you the examples though since they sound ridiculously simple, and you are going to ridicule me.

Oh, no. Are you begging me to disclose some of them? Okay, okay, I’ll do that – I can’t make you beg.

For example, first time ever I made a green smoothie. Yes, I had been raising a skeptical eye at green drinks for ages, but eventually I decided to give it a try. And totally loved it! I’ve loved them that much that you are going to find them quite often here!

So far doesn’t sound bad?

Okay, I’ll continue.

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