Raspberry Rose Eton Mess

This Raspberry Rose Eton Mess with a subtle botanical flavour, topped with fresh berries and pistachios, is a luscious twist on a traditional English recipe.

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Raspberry Brie Crostini

These Raspberry Brie Crostini with coconut chips, lemon zest, and fresh thyme is basically not a recipe but an idea on how to jazz up any summer crostini recipe.

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Mango Raspberry Coconut Salad

This Mango Raspberry Coconut Salad with refreshing lime notes is a luscious salad that screams “summer on the plate!”

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Raspberry Mint Poppy Seed Pasta

This Raspberry Mint Poppy Seed Pasta is another nice way to enjoy a sweet and savory kind of pasta this summer.

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Rose Raspberry Layer Cake

Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|Havocinthekitchen.com

Happy Monday, folks. Doesn’t these words “Happy Monday” sound a bit sarcastic to you? They should be. However, if you get a slice of this delicious Rose Raspberry Layer Cake, any Monday will be much better!

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