Chive Blossom Butter

Chive Blossom Butter

This Chive Blossom Butter is super easy to make just with three ingredients. It’s beautiful and delicious delivering a lovely herbaceous flavour. The only challenging part is that it is dangerously addictive, so you might end up eating all the bread and butter you have!

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Chive Blossom Butter

Hello everyone. Happy Monday (Do you hear my sarcastic tone?) The week has just started, but I am so ready for another weekend. Who is with me? So I am going to keep it short and sweet this time. Besides, there’s not much time left because the season of blooming chives is almost over (If not already in your area.) That’s why you should stop reading this post right away and run to your garden! I will forgive you :)

Indeed, I never really have thought of using chive blossoms (Although I knew they were edible) before. But then Angie shared the recipe for Chives Blossom Butter, and of course I could not miss it.

Chive Blossom Butter

It is amazing, my friends! It is THAT good that I’ve made this butter (And also some similar variations) three times since that. All gone in no time. And that A LOT of butter for our family. There are many ways to use it, but my favourite would be enjoying it with fresh bread, like baguette. Oh man – bread and butter make such a treacherous combination, for your waistline and cholesterol. But who can judge, right?

That being said, I would recommend making a small batch at a time; however, feel free to double of triple the recipe.

The recipe is ridiculously easy, and it basically requires mixing up the soften butter with the aromatics. If you want to accelerate the process, you can soften the butter in a microwave – just use 2 or 3 short (15 seconds) intervals. Normally, you would shape the infused butter into a log or even individual servings. But I thought what’s the point to spend extra time when you can simply transfer it to a bowl and let it set. Whatever way you choose, you will be impressed with the result!

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I hope you like like this Chive Blossom Butter, and you will it a try soon. If you try it, let me know in this post or send me anĀ InstagramĀ message or share you photos adding the hashtag #havocinthekitchen.


Chive Blossom Butter
Chive Blossom Butter

Chive Blossom Butter

Recipe by Ben | HavocinthekitchenCourse: Uncategorized


Prep time


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  • 1/2 cup of butter, softened (1 stick or about 115 gr.)

  • 5-8 chive blossoms – choose fresh and soft blossoms, not old and woody

  • ~1/4 tsp. salt, or to taste

  • optional: 1-2 tbsp. chopped chives

  • optional: black pepper, to taste


  • Fully soften the butter by leaving it at room temperature about 60-90 minutes before proceeding. Alternatively, you can soften it in the microwave in 2-3 short intervals (about 10-15 seconds each.)
  • Wash the chive blossoms. Pat them dry with paper towels then separate the flower petals from the stem.
  • Stir in the flowers and salt into the softened butter. Optionally, you can add also chopped chives and ground black pepper. Try and adjust the seasoning, if needed.
  • Transfer to a small bowl and let it firm – either at room temperature for about 30 minutes or in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes. You can also shape it into a log. Use the butter for bread, grilled food, or as a part of savory recipe that uses butter. When refrigerated, it firms up a lot, so I would recommend taking it out the fridge 10-15 minutes prior to serving. Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Chive Blossom Butter

  1. David Scott Allen says:

    I love this, Ben. I will need to wait until chive blossoms come back (we are way past that season here in the desert!). I can imagine this on grilled fish – and possible a steak!

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    I do really enjoy compound butters – they are so easy to make, and they take a recipe up to a whole new level of sophistication! This chive butter sounds like it’s my kinda thing…I just need to go get a delicious baguette!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Cherry Almond CakeMy Profile

  3. Liz says:

    So yummy! I use chive blossoms as garnishes when available, but next year, I’m going to venture into using them in recipes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Marissa says:

    I love this post, Ben! So many people don’t realize that the blossoms are edible and they really do have the most wonderful, delicate chive flavor and they’re beautiful too!

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