Chicken Celery Grape Salad

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With this delicious healthy Chicken Celery Grape Salad, you won’t be afraid to face any Blue Mondays!

This recipe was originally posted in January 2017. I have taken and uploaded new photos and made a few changes to the recipe, but the blogpost itself remains the same.

The Very Blue Monday

First of all, let me congratulate you, friends! It’s Tuesday which means we survived Blue Monday. So it’s the great reason to make this scrumptious Chicken Celery Grape Salad.

Why so, you may kindly ask?

Indeed, did you know that yesterday was a unique day? Well, statically, the 3rd Monday of January is the saddest day of the year. Wow.

As I mentioned in my recent post, this totally makes sense. Unfortunately, January has a slightly sad reputation. It’s a dark and likely cold month which makes us grumpy (I mean try being positive when you leave home when it’s still completely dark and you’re back when it’s already too dark. On a side note, I’ve always said we should work fewer hours while being fully compensated throughout the winter. Who supports this?)

Also, it’s the time when many of us cut down on some food or particular things like sugars, carbs, or fats which makes us grouchy. Tell me I’m not allowed to eat ice cream for whole January, and I will pretty much dislike you for a long time for good.

Not to mention the fact that the holidays are over, you have already failed some of your new year’s resolutions.

But the major reason of The Blue Monday is that most of the people start to receive their bills and often hate Christmas regret about some spending. The sad fact: statistically, a lot of people file for consumer proposal or bankruptcy this time.

Chicken Celery Grape Salad

As you see, there are plenty of reasons to be a little sad. And we need some good things happening right now.

Like this Chicken Celery Grape Salad. It’s packed with proteins, textures, and flavors. It doesn’t badly affect your budget too. Soft chicken, succulent grapes, fresh and crispy celery, and toasted almonds – what else do you need for an enjoyable lunch or dinner? Of course, you can grab oranges or mandarins instead of the grapes and any other nuts; walnuts and pecans would exceptionally work.

As for dressing, normally I just go with some plain (greek) yogurt which I sometimes mix with a little of mayo. This time I opted for a more aromatic version and incorporated some chopped jalapeno and cilantro. The dressing worked perfectly in this Chicken Celery Grape Salad!

Okay, my friends, please let me wrap this post up or otherwise I might finish it only next Monday!

I hope you’re doing great, and you don’t feel down. However, if this is happening to you, I am quite sure this Chicken Celery Grape Salad would make you happier!

Chicken Celery Grape Salad|
Original Photo. 2017.

6 thoughts on “Chicken Celery Grape Salad

  1. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    I knew about Blue Monday, but honestly it never feels any sadder than any other Mondays of the year. ALL Mondays stink if you ask me! ;) Love this salad, Ben! A place I worked at made a salad kinda similar (but not really) to this, so I can kinda-sorta imagine how great this tastes! Love that you added a jalapeno! Gimme that mellow heat! SO GOOD! Cheers, buddy!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Spicy Honey Glazed Skillet ShrimpMy Profile

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    Interesting! I’ve never heard about Blue Monday, but it totally makes sense. Getting back into the swing of things after the holidays is always super tough. But this salad turns things around for sure. I love all of the flavors you’ve got going on in this one…I bet the celery adds a fun crunch. And the jalapeno = yum! I don’t see any lavender, but I think I could still be convinced to try this one sometime soon. Hope your week is going well so far, Ben!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Ham and Baked Beans in Cornbread BowlsMy Profile

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