Black Forest Crêpes

Black Forest Crêpes

If you like a classic Black Forest cake, then you should try these Black Forest Crêpes! Chocolate crepes, a luscious cherry sauce, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings are a heavenly combination.

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Black Forest Crêpes

Hello everyone. How are you doing? I know, I know. It’s Monday. That’s why I am sharing this tasty dessert idea. It will make any Monday more bearable!

But first, let me ask you a question. Didn’t you notice anything strange with fresh cherries this summer? In June and July when it was supposed to be a peak of cheap and tasty cherries here in Nova Scotia, the choices were nearly…none! There were a couple of weeks without any cherries at all. Even at Costco! And most of the times the prices were ridiculously high – up to 10$ for one lb. The prices got more reasonable only a few weeks ago. So I am just wondering what happened? A shortage of cherries this season? Some problems with export? Anything else?

Anyway, for this recipe you don’t need fresh cherries as we are going to use pitted frozen. They are perfect for this use. Besides, who wants to pit a lot of fresh cherries, right?

Black Forest Crêpes

The recipe is quite simple and consists of few elements.

– Chocolate Crepes. Just regular crepes with the added cacao powder. Their texture, thanks to the chocolate, is silky and smooth and somewhat reminds brownies. I would recommend making them over low medium (or even low) heat because it takes a bit longer to cook them through.

– Luscious cherry sauce. Of course, with the addition of rum – because why not?!

– Whipped cream – whip it up yourself or use store-bough.

– Garnish like dark chocolate savings, cherries, and mint.

So easy yet so delicious! And if you have by any reason some leftovers of the cherry sauce, you can use it many ways. Think of a milkshake, yogurt or ice cream topping. Or make this Black Forest Cocktail.

I hope you like these Black Forest Crêpes, and you will give them soon. If you make it, let me know in this post or send me an Instagram message or share you photos adding the hashtag #havocinthekitchen. 

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Black Forest Crêpes
Black Forest Crêpes

Black Forest Crêpes

Recipe by Ben | HavocinthekitchenCourse: Dessert, Brunch


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Black Forest Crêpes are inspired by a famous cake. Chocolate crepes, luscious cherry sauce, whipped cream, and dark chocolate. So tasty!

The number of servings will depend on how many crepes per serving you want to serve. If you are having this as a separate meal (fancy brunch etc.), 3-4 crepes per serving would be perfect. If you are having this as a dessert after meal, you might want to serve 1-2 crepes per serving.


  • Chocolate Crepes:
  • 3 tbsp. (about 45 gr.) butter, melted and cooled

  • 1/3 cup dark cacao powder

  • 1 and 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

  • 1 and 1/4 cups hot water

  • 2/3 cup milk 2 %

  • 2/3 tsp. espresso powder (*See Notes)

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract

  • 1-2 tbsp. sugar

  • a good pinch of salt

  • cooking spray, oil or melted butter, for greasing

  • Cherry Sauce:
  • 1/2 cup (about 110 gr.) butter

  • 1/4 cup maple syrup

  • 5 cups frozen pitted cherries (about 700 gr.)

  • a pinch of cinnamon

  • a pinch of salt

  • 1/2 tbsp. corn starch (+ 2-3 tbsp. cold water)

  • 1/3 to 1/2 dark rum or cherry brandy (See notes)

  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract

  • For Serving:
  • Whipped cream

  • Dark chocolate, shaved

  • Fresh mint and cherries, optional if desired

  • a scoop of ice cream for serving, if desired


  • Chocolate Crepes:
  • Sift the flour, cacao powder, and salt into a large bowl.
  • Slowly pour the hot water, constantly whisking with a whisk, until most lumps are dissolved. Then add the sugar, milk and melted butter.
  • Add the eggs into the batter, whisking well to incorporate. Stir in the vanilla.
  • Refrigerate the batter for at least 1-2 hours, but you can do this overnight. Once refrigerated, the batter will thicken up significantly. You will need to add more (up to 1/3 cup or even more) of cold water or milk. You can always bake one first crepe and then adjust the consistency of your batter, as required.
  • Grease well the pan suitable for making crepes to medium temperature, then reduce the heat to low-medium.
  • Add enough batter (about 1/4 cup for the first crepe, then adjust amount accordingly) to thinly coat the base, and tilt the pan to create an even thickness. Cook for a minute or longer to get the edges crisp then flip and cook for another minute or so (*See Notes).
  • Repeat with the remaining batter. You should be able to get around 12 crepes.
  • Cherry Sauce:
  • In a large pan, melt the butter with the maple syrup and simmer 5 minutes.
  • Add the cherries, cinnamon, and salt. Cook for about 10 minutes over high medium heat.
  • In a small cup, dissolve the corn starch in some cold water. Stir in the mixture into the cooking cherries, stirring. Cook for a minute – the sauce will significantly thicken up.
  • Stir in the rum or cherry brandy. Cook for about 40 seconds and turn off the heat. Let the sauce cool for about 20-30 minutes.
  • Serve the crepes with the cherry sauce and garnished with whipped cream and dark chocolate. Also, you can serve them with a scoop of ice cream, like chocolate.
  • The sauce should be enough for about 12 crepes, but that will depend on how much of the sauce per one crepe you want. If you have any leftover, refrigerate and use later over your porridge, yogurt or cottage cheese. Enjoy!


  • * Or substitute 1/3 cup hot water with freshly brewed coffee; in this case you don’t need to use espresso powder.
  • With cherry brandy, the sauce will be more flavourful and les boozy but also sweeter.
  • Notes on making crepes: 1) It makes a little longer to cook chocolate crepes than regular one. Don’t overcook though – once edges are crisp, it’s time to flip a crepe. 2) I recommend cooking them over low-medium temperature, ton allow them to cook through without getting burned. If you feel comfortable, you can play with the temperatures a bit. 3) The surface of chocolate crepes will be smooth, silky, and a a bit resemble brownies. 4) Generally, it can be a bit more challenging to flip a chocolate crepe than regular. Grease your pan regularly. Also, you don’t need to perfectly spread the batter in a pan. Some space around the edges will help to loosen up and flip the crepes!

8 thoughts on “Black Forest Crêpes

  1. David Scott Allen says:

    So, I did not notice anything weird with cherries this year… but that may be because I dont pay enough attention to process. I bought them quite often in June and July… Hmmm.

    These crêpes are the perfect antidote to Black Forest Cake. Whenever I get it, it is sooooo dry and uninteresting. Yet your crêpes take care of that. The cherry sauce sounds perfect with this, and the chocolate crêpes? They take away all the dryness. I want to make these – as soon as I can!

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