Apple Maple Turkey Meatballs

Apple Maple Turkey Meatballs

These Apple Maple Turkey Meatballs are juicy and delicious. The addition of grated apple makes them extra tender while apple cider and maple glaze adds tons of flavour and a lovely caramelization.

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Maple Blueberry Crêpes

Do you like serving your crepes with maple syrup? Berries? Lemon? Try these luscious Maple Blueberry Crêpes with the addition of bourbon, then!

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Chocolate Maple Whiskey Cake

Chocolate Maple Whiskey Cake

This Chocolate Maple Whiskey Cake combines thick chocolate maple biscuit layers, decadent maple-whiskey buttercream, and toasted walnuts.

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Spiced Maple Apple French Toasts

Moist, fluffy, and delicious these Spiced Maple Apple French Toasts are an irresistible fall treat.

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Apple Maple Baked Donuts

Soft, moist, loaded with juicy apples and walnuts donuts topped with delicious maple glaze. What can you ask more for an easy seasonal treat? Try these Apple Maple Baked Donuts!

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