Apple Maple Pecan Crumble

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This luscious and easy to make Apple Maple Pecan Crumble is a delightful combination of sweet, buttery, and nutty notes. That’s a perfect autumn dessert!

Apple Maple Pecan Crumble

This post was originally published in October 2015. I have taken and uploaded new photos while the recipe and blog post themselves remain unchanged. 

There are many things in the World that go together.

Or that at least are associated with each other.

Like Christmas and Snow and Christmas and Santa.  In the first example, it’s been different for the last decade than it used to be (even in the Northen countries). In the second one, you may not believe in Santa, but he’s still a significant part of the holiday season.

But don’t be afraid folks. I’m not going to be talking about climate change. I’m not that nerd dude you may consider. I’ve recently lost my “nerd” version and haven’t found it yet.

Let’s talk about food associations!

Italy – Pasta

Tomatoes – Basil

Pumpkin – Cinderella Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Pie

Coffee – Breakfast

Pumpkins, Apples, Persimmons, and Pomegranates – Fall

Ben – Lavender 

Lavender – Chocolate

Lavender – Everything

Apple – Pecans

Pecans – Maple Syrup

Absolutely, these two combos are the winners. My personal fall winners. Remember butter tarts?

And now imagine how all these 3 ingredients work together in this Apple Maple Pecan Crumble. Perfect marriage. Well, that marriage might be a bit different due to 3 participants. But if not joking (Remember I’ve lost my nerd version so laughing is okay for me), this combo a must try this fall, my dear friends!

Indeed, first time I made this Apple Maple Pecan Crumble last year, and it turned out to be that great that I decided to repeat. That’s quite an uncommon thing to do for me – it really should be an outstanding recipe. And it is. As you see, with my ‘nerd’ version I’ve lost my sense of modesty. In fact, this dessert is that delicious that Andrew asked me to repeat this year. That’s another remarkable sign.

Needless to say, he hasn’t got it yet – I’ve got to try a lot of delicious pumpkin and apple recipes this season. But I may make this one soon. Maybe next fall, haha.

What I like about any crumbles, they are easy to make and don’t require a lot of ingredients, with almost always perfect results.

Like this Apple Maple Pecan Crumble. Sounds awesome, right?

Your apple crumble couldn’t be better!

Perhaps, only Apple Lavender Crumbler. Great idea indeed, Ben!

But what about you, folks? Do you have favorite food pairs? Have you ever tried apples, pecans, and maple syrup together? What’s the best pair for lavender, in your book?

14 thoughts on “Apple Maple Pecan Crumble

  1. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    Hmmm, I’m not quite sure you have lost your “nerd” sense, Ben! :) lol. I kid. You certainly haven’t lost your ability to make me laugh out loud. I love crumbles (and Santa)! You are so right, not only are they a breeze to whip together, they always taste delicious! LOVING your use of apples, maple and pecans! That IS such a scrumptious combination! AND I am glad you resisted the urge to throw lavender into the mix… that must have required a TON of self restraint! My favorite pairing is Food + Me. :) Anyways, you should be a nice boy and make this again for Andrew. You know what they say, only nice little boys and girls get presents from Santa! Cheers, buddy! <3
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Bahn Mi Totchos {with Cilantro-Lime Aioli}My Profile

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    Wait. Why wouldn’t I believe in Santa? He’s a real person. Unless you’re trying to tell me he isn’t. In which case we aren’t friends anymore. Haha…just kidding, Ben! I’m loving this crumble…it’s got all of my favorite fall flavors in it, too! And I’ll add another one to your list: Saturday = pizza. :-)
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Chocolate Caramel Rice Crispy TreatsMy Profile

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