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Crepes Suzette|

Even though Christmas is over (Wow! How come?), we still have New Year coming which means some more treats (Yes, please!). I know, in January some of us, myself included, might regret about all those consumed eggnog, sparkling wine, and chocolates, but it’s December now. So why not have these delicious Crepes Suzette for your late New Year breakfast or brunch (Sure, it’s better to choose breakfast. Because you can have more crepes for your brunch).

Crepes Suzette|

But first, let me tell you about some few things you won’t find in my next posts.

The first thing is these cookies. I wish I were able to write a whole post with the recipes and lots of pictures. However, they were made for a potluck at my job. Unfortunately, then I finished them, it was something around 12 a.m., and when it was time to leave home, that was something like 7.30 a.m. Dark and other pleasant winter things. Winter sucks, I know. So, I basically didn’t have any chance to take at least some decent shots.

Aviary Photo_130958270938506455 (Custom)

Why did I spend over 4 hours making them? I was challenged. We were asked to decorate our dishes according to a winter/Christmas/ Hanukkah /whatever holiday we celebrated theme, of course if desired. Having thought for a while, I decided on a concept of the edible Christmas ornaments in the box. If you are interested, I’ll describe what I had inside (If not, I’m going to do that anyways). I baked classic Gingerbread Cookies,  my favorite  Cranberry Pecan Cookies, and simple Cardamom Cookies. Sure, Andrey helped me out. Specifically, those candy cane and wreath-shaped cookies were entirely his project. He did a great job, didn’t he?

These cookies were a success, and a part of them ended up being on Christmas trees of my colleagues.

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All right. Remember I was asking you if you had a recipe for a gingerbread house? Most of you suggested to find it in the supermarket. You guys were so right! However, sometimes I’m a stubborn dude, so I made it from scratch. The problem with homemade dough that it’s unpredictable! Once the biscuits are baked, you might find out that some parts have got shrunken while some – get bigger. I mean disproportionately. Go figure how to match those parts! But the bottom line is how to make them stable.

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Aviary Photo_130958275450887844 (Custom)

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Surprisingly, our houses haven’t collapsed yet! Yes, we made two of them. Would you like to guess who decorated which? I’ll hint: that beautifully painted in red and white roof belongs to me:)

Indeed, making a gingerbread house is such a fun thing to do, guy! But as I said, next time I’m buying biscuits.

Crepes Suzette|

And the last thing. I made a fabulous dinner on a Christmas day. First, I wasn’t going to take care of a rabbit we bought, but then I felt in a right frame of mind so I made it. I wasn’t following any particular recipe – we just found one idea to cook in red wine. I wish I had some good pictures, but I can only try to depict the process. So, I seared it first, then threw it in a cooking pot with a bottle of red wine. It was simmering uncovered for about 20 minutes, then it was time to jazz this poor rabbit up. I added in that wine “broth” fresh rosemary, dry oregano, whole garlic, orange juice, smoked paprika, pink peppercorn, and some other stuff. 40 minutes later we had a delicious tender rabbit.

Crepes Suzette|

What I am proud of is that sauce I created. Since the wine “broth” was quite bland, I reduced a few cups of it, along with some salted butter, first. Then I added brown sugar, fresh rosemary, orange juice, balsamic, smoked paprika, and some other seasonings. As a result, the sauce turned a bit salty so I incorporated some cream and maple syrup to balance it up. Finally, I added a good splash of cinnamon whiskey (and by “good” I mean that). That whiskey, I believe, made the difference! The sauce was thick, with a beautiful caramel consistency, and intense brown color. Did I say it was a little boozy too? Fantastic work, Ben!

Crepes Suzette|

Wow, that was hot, wasn’t it?

Now we all need to relax and have one simple yet delicious recipe. Crepes Suzette, old good classic. Well, this might not be the perfect recipe, but it’s still super delicious.

If not…well, add more liquor then. Because liquor makes the difference.

Did you quite indulge yourself during the Christmas holidays? Do you like Crepes Suzette? Did you catch Santa?

Crepes Suzette|








12 thoughts on “Crepes Suzette

  1. Jeff the Chef says:

    The woes you had with your gingerbread houses are the same ones yhat I’m sure I’d cry over if it were me. But that’s not what stops me from making one. What stops me is Jeff Hallenbeck’s gingerbread Fallingwater.
    Jeff the Chef recently posted…Holiday PunchMy Profile

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    Haha…I love the gingerbread houses! The roofs look like they need a bit of repair, but I’m still mega impressed! Every year I say I’m going to make a gingerbread house, but I still haven’t done it. High-five to you for doing it successfully! And these crepes? What can I say? They look amazing…perfect for New Year’s morning!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Hoppin’ JohnMy Profile

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