Creamy Green Soup

This Creamy Green Soup is loaded with lots of delicious things like green peas, spinach, arugula, and avocado. It is perfectly creamy without any added cream or butter.

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Blood Orange Prosciutto Salad

This Blood Orange Prosciutto Salad with creamy avocado, crunchy pistachios, and juicy pomegranate arils is a delicious winter recipe. Perfect for St. Valentine’s celebration or any other occasion.

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Green Soup with Pistachios

This Green Soup with Pistachios made of broccoli, green peas, spinach, arugula is hearty, creamy, and delicious. It does not require any cream or oil, but it super rich and smooth thanks to avocado!

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Fig Avocado Smoked Salmon Salad

Delicious, elegant, light yet satisfying Fig Avocado Smoked Salmon Salad with goat’s cheese. A perfect stunning appetizer or a light main course dish.

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Green Gazpacho

This Green Gazpacho with plain yogurt, avocados, cucumbers, and lots of fresh herbs is a delicious, healthy, light, and refreshing soup recipe that is so perfect to beat the summer heat!

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