Potato Fennel Bacon Soup

Potato Fennel Bacon Soup

This hearty, creamy, and utterly delicious Potato Fennel Bacon Soup is easy recipe which requires just about 30 minutes of your time.

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Candied Bacon Fig Bruschetta

Candied Bacon Fig Bruschetta is a simple yet elegant and delicious autumn bruschetta. It can be easily customized, too.

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Pistachio Cranberry Bacon Cheese Ball

This crowd-pleasing Pistachio Cranberry Bacon Cheese Ball is packed with the flavour and texture, and it’s a perfect way for the New Year Eve celebration.

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Chestnut Potato Christmas Soup

This Chestnut Potato Christmas Soup is a delightful and eye-pleasing festive recipe. The addition of crispy bacon and rosemary makes it comfort and soul-warming.

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Braised Red Cabbage

This Braised Red Cabbage topped with crispy bacon and rosemary is a delicious side dish for the wintertime and holidays.

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