Walnut Shaped Cookies

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These Walnut Shaped Cookies are buttery and delicious. Not a good enough reason to try them? They are filled with dulce de leche!

Walnut Shaped Cookies

Hello, my friends. Happy Monday. I am not being sarcastic; these Walnut Shaped Cookies will beat any Monday blues.

Indeed, I am so thrilled about sharing this recipe because these are probably my most favourite cookies ever. Let’s be honest: I am in favour of any cookies with dulce de leche, but there’s nothing that can beat this recipe, in my book (Let’s be completely honest: give me a jar of dulce de leche and a spoon, and you can keep all the cookies for yourself.)  Well, I also do love Alfajores, but I didn’t try them until recent years. Walnut Shaped Cookies, on the other hand, is my favorite dessert from my childhood.

This year has been marked by some Russian (Soviet) dessert classics I’ve introduced to you. First I made this Napoleon Cake. Then I made a no-bake dessert, this Chocolate Salami. The next step was making this Medovik – Russian Honey Layer Cake (One of my favourite layer cakes ever!) followed by a lavender twist on it. Indeed, there are two new twists on a honey cake waiting to meet with you; stay tuned. I also made these Peach Cookies which looked pretty cool. Technically speaking, chocolate salami and peach cookies are a common dessert in some other European countries while a Napoleon cake is an adaptation of the French recipe, but all these desserts were from the times I was a kid (Just a couple of years…decades ago). My theory is that  I’ve hit a certain age this year which made me a little nostalgic. Otherwise, I don’t have a solid explanation why hadn’t I had a single Russian recipe on my blogs before (And I used to have a Russian food blog too).

Anyway, I don’t think you will be against some delicious old-fashioned desserts, right?

Let’s talk about these Walnut Shaped Cookies (Although I’d prefer to eat them instead. Practice is better than a theoretical part. Agreed?) The bad news is that you won’t be able to make them without special cookie molds (You can see them in a photo). The good news is that those molds are available online, and they’re relatively cheap. You can always invest a bit more money and get a special pan, like a waffle maker for these shells.

It also took me three attempts before sharing this recipe. Partially it was because I needed an excuse to enjoy more, but mostly it was because I was looking for the perfect recipe. Have I found it yet? Not yet. But I cannot wait longer. Besides, I can continue searching for perfection and update the recipe later.

I did like the dough and cookies when I made it the first time. However, the filling let me down as it wasn’t thick enough. I made dulce de leche at home (That’s very easy but take some time), and it would have been better if I had boiled it longer. As a result, I couldn’t marriage most shells. And those I could pair didn’t look particularly neat. That wasn’t a problem for me as an eater, but that wasn’t good enough as a blogger. In fact, there’s a little secret: most people separate the shells before eating – just like with Oreos.

My second attempt failed. While the dulce de leche turned out nice and thick, the dough wasn’t spot on; the shells extremely shrank while sitting in the oven. The third attempt happened on the same day. The shells turned out delicious although their look could have been better. I need some magic to combine the first and third attempts haha. I have also found some tricks which will help you to succeed, and they are included in the recipe. As you can see, I have uploaded the photos from two photo sessions.

You can always play with the filling, too. For instance, you can place a piece of a walnut with dulce de leche or stir in some chopped nuts in the filling. Also, you can whip dulce de leche with some soften butter for even a richer filling. You can certainly add some sea salt. Finally, if you are not a fan of dulce de leche (Although I might start doubting our friendship), you can grab some other filling like jam or Nutella. That won’t be an authentic treat, though.

Lastly, I encourage you to make your own dulce de leche which is not hard, and the can won’t explode if you follow my recommendations. Alternatively, you can always find delicious store-bought spread. I believe bulk stores might have the thickest you can find.

And I promise I will continue searching for the best recipe. In a meanwhile, make and enjoy some Walnut Shaped Cookies.


8 thoughts on “Walnut Shaped Cookies

  1. Dawn says:

    This would definitely make any Monday…or Tuesday or Wednesday (see where I’m going with this?) better! I would have a hard time just bypassing the cookies (though, I’m sure they’re delish) and going right for that dulce de leche, lol. Hope you’re having a great week, Ben…if you ate enough of these cookies, I’m sure you are ;)
    Dawn recently posted…Turkey Quinoa ChiliMy Profile

  2. neil@neilshealthymeals.com says:

    I too loved your Medovik, Russian Honey Layer Cake, Ben. But I also love these Walnut Shaped Cookies. I can understand why you like them so much, them being from your childhood and many memories coming from them. I’m going to be doing one of my childhood favourite christmas bakes soon. That too has many good memories for me. Thanks for sharing this recipe. And for being honest about all your attemps! This is a brilliant recipe for Christmas if you ask me!

  3. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    These are so cute! They’d be perfect for a Christmas cookie tray–and I love your suggestion to whip the dulce de leche with butter. More butter, more better is my motto :). I’m going to have to try these once I get my hands on some molds! Have a great week, my friend.

  4. David @ Spiced says:

    What a fun recipe, Ben! I love how much these cookies actually look like walnuts. Given that mixed nuts is a common appetizer during the holidays, this would be a fun recipe to put a twist on the expected. No one would expect to find cookies filled with dulce de leche! (Well, except for me now that you’ve shared this recipe…haha.) Well done, my friend! Definitely a good way to shake off the Monday blues!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Parmesan Roasted CauliflowerMy Profile

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