Peach Cookies

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These Peach Cookies filled with peach preserves and dipped into peach liquor are a delightful and delicate summer dessert.

Peach Cookies

Hello, my friends. I have one simple question I would like to ask you right away. Do these Peach Cookies (although I would rather name them mini cakes) look like real stone fruit? Have you thought for a second that Ben went nuts and decided to post photos of peaches instead of an actual recipe? I know although they don’t look exactly like real peaches, I’ve done quite a good job!

As some of you might remember, I was born in Russia, and these cookies were a very popular dessert when I was a kid. I wasn’t really interested in recipes from my childhood, but this year something has changed. I have shared some of the very common desserts including Chocolate Salami, Napoleone Cake, and Honey Cake “Medovik“. I am thinking to recreate a couple of other recipes this fall. Interesting, isn’t it? I believe this tendency might be related to the fact that I turned a certain age this year, so this could be some kind of nostalgia or an attempt to reconnect with the times I was a kid.

I had never made Peach Cookies before, so I googled the recipes, and I was surprised to find out a lot of similar ideas from different countries. I will not say this would be an authentic recipe from my childhood. First of all, I didn’t remember what some fillings were common back those years. I certainly remember jam and cream similar to thick custard. Also, it looks that dulce de leche (sometimes combined with chopped walnuts) was a common filling too. But although I do like dulce de leche, I opted out this idea. I did want something refreshing and summery.

Also, I believe back in those years people would dip these cookies into a syrop or something similar. I thought that dipping them into the peach liquor would elevate the taste to a more elegant level. I think that was a good idea as the cookies themselves are not super exciting to my liking. Alchohol makes everything better.

These Peach Cookies may look hard to make, but that’s not the case here. The actual baking isn’t complicated at all, but it takes a bit of your time to assemble them.

I won’t lie – these Peach Cookies look more extraordinary when they taste, in my book. You cannot expect too much from simple biscuits, sugar, and peach preserves. On the other hand, this is a very fun and charming summer dessert. Just don’t forget the peach liquor. On the side too :)


8 thoughts on “Peach Cookies

  1. Kim Lange says:

    Love! I think you nailed the peach cookies to look like actual peaches! That blew my mind. I was like, wow…how did he do that! They look so pretty and pretty genius! I would love to have a bushel of those peach cookies, ok? :)

  2. Dawn says:

    You’ve done an excellent job! They do look like real fruit! So fun and I bet fun to make :) Because they look like fruit, does that mean they’re healthy and I get to eat a few ;) ??

  3. Laura says:

    Ben, these cookies are so charming and beautiful! I love the way they look. They remind me of marzipan fruits! I think the peach filling sounds perfect, although I’d never walk away from dulce de leche, but I understand, it’s summer, and peach season! My favorites!

  4. Kim | Give it Some Thyme says:

    These are adorable, Ben!! Love the color variation to really look like peaches. Rolling them in peach liqueur is brilliant. Thanks for sharing some history from your childhood. Looking forward to see what’s next! Have a great week!

  5. David @ Spiced says:

    Wait. You opted OUT of including dulce de leche? What’s this world coming to, Ben? Haha! Seriously, though, I totally understand. The peach jam was the right choice here to keep these cookies summery and light. I’ve never seen a recipe quite like this…but I love it. I would gladly sit back and eat a cookie or two, and I would dip mine twice in the peach liquor. Yup, twice. :-)

  6. Ron says:

    Ben, I know this cookie from my past travels to Russia, I think it was in Krasnoyarsk I tasted it. My Russian colleague offered it to me and at first I did think it was a peach. What fun to now have the recipe. I wonder if I can fool some of my friends.
    Ron recently posted…Lomma, a Swedish seaside village…My Profile

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