Rowan Berry Cocktail

Rowan Berry Cocktail

Rowan Berry Cocktail with black spiced rum is a bold drink with a complex flavour. It’s sweet, acid, and pleasantly bitter. And it’s also a perfect Halloween treat!

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Rowan Berry Syrup

 Rowan Berry Syrup

Rowan Berry Syrup is a wonderful addition for cocktails, tea, and many other things. It has a complex flavour profile being sweet, tart, and pleasantly bitter at the same time. It also has many health benefits.

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Rowan Berries Tea Collection

This Rowan Berries Tea Collection featuring honey, mint, orange, and make syrup is a perfect way to resist the last winter days.

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Rowan Berries Orange Curd

This luscious and tasty Rowan Berries Orange Curd with a delightful bitter aftertaste is a great way to enjoy some vitamins during cold autumn days.

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Rowan Berries Apple Jam

Sweet, tart, piquant, and bitter – you can find all these flavors in the unusual yet delicious Rowan Berries Apple Jam.

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