Fruit Salad with Mascarpone Cream

Fruit Salad with Mascarpone Cream

Do you like a fruit salad? You should like this Fruit Salad with Mascarpone Cream then. It’s light but reach, elegant, delicious, and quite fancy.

Fruit Salad with Mascarpone Cream

Spring Weather

Hello everyone! Happy spring!

As I mentioned in my previous post (Which you should check, I insist, if you missed some funny St. Patrick’s Day themed photos of Daisy and I), we expected up to 15 centimeters of snow last Friday. Unfortunately, the forecast guys were right this time. Mostly. Because there was 20 cm of snow. However, this past weekend the weather was fabulous, and mostly all the snow has already gone. It’s going to be sunny and really warm (Up to 16 degrees C. I know, it might be not too warm for some of you, but it’s pretty good for us. Usually, such beautiful days are followed by snow here in Nova Scotia lol.) Indeed, it’s going to be a lovely week, too.

Daisy is so happy about this weather situation that she spent hours outside yesterday. There’s a chance she will take a summer break from being my model. You know, for cats it’s much more fun hunting outside than hunting the prosciutto from your plate. I will still try to persuade her not to completely give up on my. I need more scallops! perhaps, even scallops wrapped in prosciutto! lol

More Light, too!

Also, we had a daylight change thing one week ago. While I don’t like this this idea generally, I must admit we have such a beautiful natural light even around 7 pm. getting more natural light in spring is one of the most anticipated things amongst us, food blogger, right? (Another well-anticipated thing might be Daisy-Ester-Bunny appearance. That’s a hint – stay tuned.)

Anyway, with the warm weather and beautiful spring light, I also received a lovely parcel from Del Monte Canada (Instagram account) It was packed with delicious products such as Fruit Cocktail, Citrus Salad, and Very Cherry. Certainly. I could have eaten them all just like that (Because these products are good on their own – not overly sweet at all and with a wonderful taste of real fruit). However, I wanted to elevate already delicious product to a different level.

Fruit Salad with Mascarpone Cream

What’s the first things comes up to your mind when you refer to canned fruit? Perhaps, a fruit salad. Easy and delicious. But you know me. Simple is often not my thing! That’s why I ended up whipping up some quick mascarpone cream. Do you think that was all? Oh you don’t know me then haha. There’s also honey, orange liquor, and fresh orange zest along with fresh thyme and pink peppercorns. Yup, thyme and pink peppercorns go well with desserts, particularly citrus. You can check this Tangerine Thyme Cardamom Curd and Grapefruit Thyme Madeleines. Of course, both thyme and peppercorns are optional, and you can omit them. I insist that orange liquor isn’t optional. though.

I hope you like this refreshing and delightful Fruit Salad with Mascarpone Cream, and you will give it a try one day. What’s your favourite way to enjoy some canned fruit?

And please do not forget to check my next post coming up soon – Daisy and I will be sharing some Easter-themed things.


Fruit Salad with Mascarpone Cream

Fruit Salad with Mascarpone Cream

Recipe by Ben | HavocinthekitchenCourse: DessertDifficulty: Easy


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Do you like a fruit salad? You should like this Fruit Salad with Mascarpone Cream then. It’s light but reach, elegant, delicious, and quite fancy.


  • Fruit Salad:
  • ~ 2/3 can (796 ml) Del Monte Fruit Cocktail, drained

  • 1 cup (114 gr.) Del Monte Very Cherry

  • 1-2 tbsp. pistachios, finely chopped

  • Mascarpone Cream:
  • 2/3 to 1 cup mascarpone cream, room temperature

  • 1 tbsp. honey

  • 2 tbsp. orange liquor

  • freshly grated zest of 1/2 large orange

  • few thyme sprigs (optional)

  • about 10 pink peppercorns + few more to garnish, crushed (optional)


  • For the cream, whip together the mascarpone with honey, and orange liquor. You can always add even more liquor just keep in mind the cream will be loose. Try and decide if you need to adjust the sweetness (As it’s not too sweet); you might want to add either some honey or powdered sugar. Stir in the orange zest, and optionally – thyme and pink peppercorns.
  • To assemble the dessert, just divide the drained fruit between serving glasses (You can serve in one medium trifle or regular bowl) and add a generous portion of the mascarpone cream. Sprinkle with pistachios and decorate as desired – in this case, extra few crushed pink peppercorns, orange zest, and thyme.
  • Cool in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes (The cream will thicken up more) or longer, until ready to serve. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Fruit Salad with Mascarpone Cream

  1. David @ Spiced says:

    What a fun way to elevate fruit salad, Ben! I do enjoy mascarpone, but I don’t get it enough. This idea is perfect for summer…and the addition of some savory herbs and seasonings is quite a nice twist! We’re having the same weather here, and a good 16°C day feels amazing after so many long, cold winter days. Enjoy it! (Oh, and stock up on prosciutto-wrapped scallops…)
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Carta di MusicaMy Profile

  2. Marie says:

    These are gorgeous. You have made already jewel like fruit pieces look ultra special in that mascarpone and I love the little savoury kick you’ve added with thyme and peppercorns.

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