Berry Lavender Risotto

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This Berry Lavender Risotto is a bold twist on a famous Italian recipe combining fresh berries and a subtle botanical flavour. It’s more a dessert kind of recipe similar to a rice pudding.

Twists on Italian Classic

Did I promise you a lot of lavender ideas this summer? I did. And there we go! Enjoy this creamy delicious Berry Lavender Risotto. Indeed, this Berry Lavender Risotto isn’t the first time I am playing with the famous Italian recipes. Last year I made this Blackberry Lavender Pasta. Although I anticipated a number of lawsuits from Italy for having been playing with the classic things, that didn’t happen.

I considered this a green light to continue.

Berry Lavender Risotto

I started to be thinking about a sweet version of risotto (In fact a dessert risotto is quite a common thing) a few months ago. At first, I was going to grab any type of rice and make a sweet kind of porridge.

I ended up choosing Arborio – rice used in making risotto. This rice is famous for its ability to absorb liquids, being creamy but not mushy if handled correctly. That was exactly what I wanted.

Berry risotto sounded particularly delicious to me. And as I mentioned in my last post, lavender is amazingly paired with berries and fruit.

As for liquid, I opted for coconut milk and hot water. The ratio is up to you. I took only 1/3 of coconut milk, but you can increase this amount. I recommend using hot water (Like in any risotto recipe) because cold one decreases the temperature of the rice and, thus, affects the cooking process.

Sure I incorporated some butter as well because what kind of risotto could be without butter, right? I didn’t add parmesan; however I think if you have some cream cheese or even mascarpone, you can freely stir in a spoon or two. Because why not!

To sum it up, this Berry Lavender Risotto is a delicious, rich, and creamy dish packed with the flavors. So, make it, have it, and don’t forget to grab some dessert afterwards. Maybe some gelato or granita – something Italian.

Have you ever tried a dessert kind of risotto?

8 thoughts on “Berry Lavender Risotto

  1. David @ Spiced says:

    What an interesting twist, Ben! You know what’s funny…we’ve had risotto twice this week already. I love it! But I’ve never had a dessert risotto. Clever! And I see that you are putting that lavender to good use. :-) Have an awesome weekend, my Canadian friend!
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