Dulce de Leche Coconut Macaroons

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These Dulce de Leche Coconut Macaroons are chewy, moist, only moderately sweet, and delicious. Absolutely awesome!

Hello, everyone. I hope you’re doing great and enjoying the spring weather. I am going to keep it short and sweet this time and introduce you to these delightful Dulce de Leche Coconut Macaroons.

By the way, are you a macaron macaroon fan? It’s hard to decide. Macarons are something fancy and elegant, for a special occasion, while macaroons are a cheap and homestyle dessert. When it comes to these threats, it’s all about the texture. Macarons are delicate and fragile while macaroons are lumpy and dense. But both are so great! Fun fact. The French word “macaron” comes from the Italian word “macaroni” while the “macaroon” is the English version of the French “macaron”. The culinary world truly is amazing, right?

But I need to confess. We hate those macaroons you can buy at a grocery store. That’s too strong world, though; so let’s say we don’t enjoy them. They’re way overly sweet and sometimes have some strange aftertaste. Occasionally, they happen to be pretty delicious, but the next time – nope! Still, we give those grocery stores a chance 2-3 times a year.

So, since I’ve been making a lot of dulce de leche desserts over the last two months, I decided to make my own macaroons. Dulce de Leche Coconut Macaroons, to be specific! While you can buy coconut specifically for macaroons, I found it too finely shredded to my liking. As a result, I ended up using unsweetened shredded coconut. Combined just with a little bit of sugar and a generous amount of dulce de leche, this is a perfectly balanced dessert, moderately sweet and chewy. I didn’t want to dip them into chocolate, but feel free to do that – that would be even more delicious! And the best part? They will be ready like in 20 minutes or so – they are certainly not those fancy and time-consuming macarons :)

Well, I think I’ve given you enough reasons to make these delish Dulce de Leche Coconut Macaroons. I hope you will treat yourself.

See you next time!

3 thoughts on “Dulce de Leche Coconut Macaroons

  1. Marissa says:

    I love macarons and macaroons! But I’m with you that homemade macaroons are a must – store bought can be pretty boring. Yours look so good – such a fun shape and I love the dulce de leche element!

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    Believe it or not, I’ve actually never made macaroons. I clearly need to try my hand at them, though – this dulce de leche version looks amazing! I agree with you about the storebought versions, too. One bite and I’m good. But these homemade ones? I’d eat the whole batch!
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