Fig Prosciutto Pistachio Pasta

This sweet&savory Fig Prosciutto Pistachio Pasta is a delightful and easy to make autumn kind of pasta.

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Fig Brie Prosciutto Flatbread

Ready just in 15 minutes, this sweet and savoury Fig Brie Prosciutto Flatbread is an easy and delicious autumn meal.

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Blueberry Lavender Nanaimo Bars

These imperfect yet luscious and delicious Blueberry Lavender Nanaimo Bars are my farewell to this summer.

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Turkish Delight Ice Cream

Delicate and delightful, this Turkish Delight Ice Cream will appreciate people who are fond of the floral flavors.

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Strawberry Sparkling Wine Sorbet

Luscious and boozy, this Strawberry Sparkling Wine Sorbet is the best way to enjoy the last warm summer days.

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