Strawberry Lavender Lemonade

This Strawberry Lavender Lemonade is a refreshing delicious drink which is perfect for hot summer days!

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Strawberry Red Wine Sorbet

This luscious and refreshing  Strawberry Red Wine Sorbet is a perfect recipe for dealing with summer heat. Did you know you can incorporate either red or white wine into sorbet? It’s super delicious. Try it out!

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Iced Cardamom Coffee

If you are not a fan of (too) sweet iced coffee and tea (Like it tends to be at most coffee shops), this Iced Cardamom Coffee is a perfect solution. It is only lightly sweetened with some ice cream – perfect for a hot summer day!

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Mango Moscato Wine Sorbet

This luscious Mango Moscato Wine Sorbet is a perfect refreshing dessert for a hot summer day. Bonus: it’s also boozy.

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Cherry Smoked Meat Flatbread Pizza

Extremely sweltering days? Craving for a pizza but don’t want to knead the dough and turn the oven on? This elegant, quick, and super delicious Cherry Smoked Meat Flatbread Pizza is a great option.

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