Zucchini Potato Stew

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This light, aromatic, and delicious Zucchini Potato Stew with sour cream, garlic, and herbs is an easy summer recipe that requires from you just about an hour. Serve it with some bread to soak up all the delicious sauce!

Hello everybody! I hope you are doing great even though that’s the LAST full week of August. How come? There’s no reason to be upset, though. Let’s think positively. Yes, this is the last (full) week of August, but we still have like one month till the astronomical fall. Yay! I am not sure how about you, but this means for me I am not done with summer recipes yet. While I have tried some apple recipes already, this doesn’t mean I am rushing to open apple season on this blog – not earlier that in 3 weeks, I estimate.

I am rather excited about this Zucchini Potato Stew. Why? Most of my savoury summer recipes are salads (Which are normally can work as the entree dish), bruschettas (Perfect light meal to me!), and occasionally flatbreads and pasta. Chilled soup, too. Still, I rarely share substantial food. I am more into fancy summer stuff, you know lol. This Zucchini Potato Stew is exactly the opposite; substantial, hearty (And quite healthy), and family-style recipe without any extravagant or expensive ingredients.

I don’t know the origins of this dish, but it’s very common in Russia; at least my mom would make it often when I was a kid. It could be adjusted to your liking (For example, I saw recipes with some ground beef too), but the basic components are potatoes, zucchinis, and sour cream. Garlic and herbs (I love dill in this stew) are important, too. Sour cream adds a nice tang, but as you know it’s not the healthiest product (Too much fat and calories even in a low-fat option with almost no protein), so you can use some plain yogurt instead. Think of Greek yogurt, it must be very good!

Most recipes suggest cooking potatoes and zucchini in one pot, starting with the potatoes. But in this case, zucchini can turn too mushy and sometimes just dissolved because all the juices (If you pack the pot with both potatoes and zucchinis, they will be basically steamed.) So I opted for giving them a good quick fry on a pan first, separately, and then combine in one pot. That could add an extra 15 minutes or so to the cooking time, but that’s worthy! Also, most Russian recipes call for a ridiculous amount of oil (Because zucchinis easily absorb all the fat) – thank you, but no. I don’t like my veggies being greasy, and I’d rather have an extra bowl of ice cream instead of all that oil. Trust me, just a little bit of oil (2 tablespoons) would work perfectly fine; just follow my recommendations.

I must admit this looks a little bit messy, but what would you expect from this stew when starchy and juicy veggies are sauteed with the sour cream sauce? That’s comfort food at its best. Importantly, that’s comfort food that is relatively healthy! The last thing to remember – the proportions are approximate. You can take an equal amount of zucchinis and potatoes or significantly reduce the number of potatoes opting for more zucchinis if you want this recipe to be even healthier. Andrew, who isn’t a huge zucchini fan, said he wouldn’t mind if I hadn’t put zucchinis at all, well but that would have been a totally different recipe lol.

This Zucchini Potato Stew with sour cream, tomatoes, garlic, and herbs is a hearty, healthy, and super delicious summer recipe. And if you make it, don’t forget to serve this stew with some fresh bread – you wouldn’t like to waste any of this awesome creamy sauce!

Cheers for now and more Russian zucchini recipes to be posted soon.

4 thoughts on “Zucchini Potato Stew

  1. laura says:

    Great recipe for the abundance of zucchini we have right now, Ben! I love the addition of potatoes, since I have so many, thanks to my CSA box. The creamy sauce sounds perfect, too! I’d probably use greek yogurt myself, but all the same, it sounds wonderful! Thanks Ben!

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    We make a zucchini soup each summer that we freeze for chilly Autumn days, and now I’m thinking I need to make a batch of this zucchini potato stew, too. It sounds delicious, Ben! And this is perfect for these late summer days as we have more zucchini than we know what to do with. The nights are starting to get chilly here, and that means this stew would be a perfect dinner next week!
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