White Chocolate Lavender Profiteroles

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White Chocolate Lavender Profiteroles are the simple but luscious and visually stunning dessert. Don’t be afraid of choux pastry as it’s relatively simple to work with it.

Happy Monday, my friends!

What’s wrong with me? I was supposed to say “Hello, my friends!” I know you like choux pastry, so I am hoping you will like these White Chocolate Lavender Profiteroles.

Also, I am going to share one funny story #FoodBloggersProblems.

So, I have started to receive more spam messages that normally lately. And while many of them were captured and detained in the spam folder, more and more of them have started to appear in my posts. Well, that happened before (No system is perfect), and I didn’t pay much of my attention to this thing. Until this morning.

Because of all of a sudden, during ONE night, I received hundreds of spam messages, and they ALL got posted in my blog posts. I might be slightly exaggerating about the numbers, but I got no less than 200 spam comments within one night. Holy crap!

There’s a generous tip. Are you bored? Have too much spare time? Just deinstall a plugin responsible for catching spam, and you will have a couple of delightful hours manually clearing your texts from annoying comments. 

White Chocolate Lavender Profiteroles

Talking about plugins, I decided to check it as I assumed something gone wrong with its settings.

Well, silly, silly Ben!

Two weeks ago or so I had my blog down, and I needed to remove the existing pluggings as they might have been the cause. Once the blog had been fixed, I installed them again. Well, not exactly…as I missed the one responsible for catching spam!

Silly, silly Ben. At least I know the difference with and without the plugin :)

Hopefully, everything is back to normal now. There’s only one thing missing. DESSERT.

I got it covered for you. Won’t you mind having these White Chocolate Lavender Profiteroles? I know some of you are skeptical about a strong lavender aroma in food. Not the case here! I made a very rich and silky cream cheese – white chocolate filling. Also, the addition of honey balances the floral aroma out. And if you decide to make this (or any other dessert), remember one thing: it’s always better to add less lavender that too much. Subtle is better than overpowering. Note, although the filling looks a bit runny, it’s not. Thanks to white chocolate and cream cheese, it’s smooth and silky but not too thick.

So be my guest and grab a few profiteroles. And don’t forget to check if your plugins are running properly.

P.S. Hoping I didn’t accidentally add any of good people on my blacklist :)


5 thoughts on “White Chocolate Lavender Profiteroles

  1. Evi says:

    Lavender is such a gorgeous twist on Profiteroles! And your pictures are absolutely beautiful, I wish I could grab one of these babies through my monitor!
    (BTW I had once a similar situation with spam comments – though it was luckily nowhere near to hundreds – must have been super frustrating!!! :D)

  2. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    Hahaha! I shouldn’t be laughing so hard because it sounds like this was not a fun problem for you, but those spam comments are just bizarre. Like David says, I don’t know why spammers do it. What are they getting out of it? Oh well. . .at least we have profiteroles! These sound delicious! And perfect to enjoy while you’re fixing tech issues :).

  3. Dawn - Girl Heart Food says:

    Oh no!!! That’s awful! Glad you got it straightened out!! Tech problems suck!

    Anywho – this recipe doesn’t ;) Purple is one of my fave colours so totally digging this!! And who doesn’t love chocolate?? Such a yummy combination and beautiful presentation, Ben!

  4. David @ Spiced says:

    Ugh. Spam. I hate it! And I have no idea why spammers do it. I mean the links are coded as nofollow, so that’s not it. And does anyone really click on the links they leave? Oh well. Glad you found the problem with the spam catcher! Also, glad you made these profiteroles, too…they look delicious! And I think I agree with you about lavender: it’s always better to add less! (I’m going to remember you said that, Ben. Haha!) Seriously, though, well done with these…they look like a great dessert!

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