Whipped Feta Blueberry Crostini

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Looking for an easy yet stunning summer appetizer or entire light meal? Try these luscious Whipped Feta Blueberry Crostini with balsamic, honey, thyme, and lemon.

Hello everyone. Happy Friday! I hope you’re doing well, and you’re ready to celebrate the weekend! The Whipped Feta Blueberry Crostini would make an awesome addition to any occasion. In fact, with upcoming Canada Day and the Fourth of July (All happening next week), please do consider making these festive and elegant crostinis!

I have officially decided to adopt a summer blogging approach for the next couple of months which means short and sweet blog posts unless I would have a special story to share. After all, who really wants to spend a lot of time writing when you can dedicate it for more cooking and photography or just spending outside. Besides, once you have tried these Whipped Feta Blueberry Crostini, you will need a lot of extra time (Because you will be making it on repeat. But please keep in mind I am going to share many crostini and bruschetta ideas this summer, so save some space for other variations!) This recipe features the following:

  • Fresh blueberries sauteed in the combination of butter, balsamic, and honey and which turns into an irresistibly luscious concoction, like a jam (But better!);
  • Salty feta whipped with cream cheese. That’s a perfect part to balance out all that sticky and sweet blueberry topping;
  • Fresh thyme and lemon zest for a refreshing summery finish;
  • All combined on a toasted baguette or other bread of your choice.

Sweet and salty. Rich and refreshing. Easy but elegant. Perfect combination, in my book! So please make these Whipped Feta Blueberry Crostini and celebrate the summertime.


2 thoughts on “Whipped Feta Blueberry Crostini

  1. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    I love the sound of this for a light summer dinner. You know sweet and salty is my favorite! I’ll have to try this soon, Ben!

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