Toasted Coconut Cake Donuts

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Toasted Coconut Cake Donuts (2)
– Hello, I’m Ben!

– Hi, Ben!

– Well, I don’t know what to start with. I’m kind of embarrassed…

– There is nothing to be embarrassed about, Ben. We’re all the friends in here!

Toasted Coconut Cake Donuts (4)

– Okay, I’d better start. I’m an ex-donutoholic.  Or let’s say a cakedonutoholic – not a fun of fried things. I think it’s just impossible to be an ex-donutoholic, though.  Anyways, I hadn’t been baking any donuts since the beginning of April, and I thought I fully got rid of that gruesome addiction…I was totally okay making marshmallows instead. However, at the beginning of May I started thinking of them. I wanted to make something delicious on my Birthday, and I found out I was getting to be obsessed with that idea. Just to indulge yourself. I didn’t want anything sophisticated – just a few donuts. I couldn’t imagine I would be obsessed with donuts again, after one month being sober (sobbing)

– Oh… 

– So, on my Birthday I made them. Two kinds. With mango and Nutella-hazelnut glaze… I’m  just kind of hoping I didn’t get this ball rolling again…

– Oh, Ben…

Toasted Coconut Cake Donuts (5)

Okay, enough. This is such a lie! I didn’t get any donuts on my Birthday even though I could have made them. Why anyone would write such a post if that didn’t happen – you’re wondering?  Let me explain, please.

I wrote this dialog a few days before my birthday when I was still planning on baking the donuts. The process of working on my blog is ongoing; I always think about its textual content – while walking, being in the gym, working, cooking….well pretty much a lot during all this routine stuff:) Probably, to avoid doing that stuff:) Thus, in the most situations once I am ready to publish another recipe, I usually get at least an idea what’s going to be in it. Moreover, I make some notes and sometimes write whole passages – I’ve got horrible memory.

Toasted Coconut Cake Donuts

So did happen to this blog. Indeed, I was inspired with a brief conversation with Cheyanne, on Instagram and decided to use a few those jokes. Why would I discard some funny stuff, right? It was the first time ever I wrote the text before even having the pictures (before even making the dish!) – usually I do that after sorting out and editing them. Thus, by the day I rejected the donut idea (that happened exactly on my Birthday), I had already gotten this hilarious (hilarious, isn’t?) text.

Toasted Coconut Cake Donuts (6)

There’s a new rule, Ben – don’t write any posts before having a recipe and photographs!

That would be just ridiculous to throw the text out, in my book. That’s why I choose another donut recipe to be. You’ve missed them in any case. Just don’t get it twisted please – I didn’t have any donuts on that day. A few donuts from Tim Hortons didn’t count cause this is the blog about homemade food. Right?

Toasted Coconut Cake Donuts (3)

12 thoughts on “Toasted Coconut Cake Donuts

  1. cheyholzworth says:

    “Hi, Ben!” The first step is admitting you have a problem. I am proud of you. :) I am also thankful you are sharing this “problem” with all of us. And I’m thrilled I could be a teeny-tiny inspiration (*see- person who eggs on and encourages bad behavior). I am still trying to figure out if eating donuts that aren’t homemade counts as actually having donuts. I feel like this should slide, just once, becuase it was your birthday after all!
    Anyways, this flavor of donut sounds so delish! I am a huge fan of coconut, especially when it’s toasted. I bet these are beyond delectable. My hubs is also a fan of your blog, he has seen your donuts and has requested I make some this weekend. Thank you for passing on your addiction. lol. Cheers, my friend!!

    • havocinthekitchen says:

      Eating donuts that aren’t homemade doesn’t count. Period. If we count everything, it would be such a life tragedy! Thanks Chey for your sweet words. That’s good your hub is also a fan of this humble blog now. Or is that bad? :) Always remembver, for additional food parcels I will gladly stop posting any donuts not to temp him, and as a result, you will be free from baking any of them:)

  2. spicedblog says:

    I don’t care when you write the post itself, Ben…just keep making awesome donuts like these! I’m a huge fan of cake donuts, and the toasted coconut version sounds absolutely amazing. I’m thinking these would make a perfect birthday gift…uh, I mean a delicious breakfast on your birthday. Haha! :-)

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