Tangerine Thyme Cardamom Curd

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This Tangerine Thyme Cardamom Curd is packed with flavour while its vivid colour and bright and refreshing taste will certainly improve someone’s mood during the dark and cold season.

Hello all! It’s that time of the year when the weather could be very unpredictable. On one hand, some days can already suggest that we need to wait just a little bit longer than one month. On another hand, both February and March can be rather tricky bringing lots of snow and harsh freezing temperatures.

It’s been a mild winter in Nova Scotia. We have had some days with extreme temperatures and strong winds, but we haven’t had a lot of snow yet! Indeed, I’d rather have a lot of snow instead of all this rain we’ve been having. As you can imagine, rain can be very nasty in winter as temperatures normally decrease during the nights. Result? Treacherous roads in the morning!

What can I also say about February? It’s very important to boost your immune system with vitamins as it weakens during this cold and dark time. There are many ways to boost your health, from exercising and spending some time outside to an adequate diet. The essential vitamins for boosting the immune system include vitamin B6 (Chicken, fish, and green vegetables), vitamin E (Nuts and spinach), and, of course, vitamin C (Kale, broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, beets, and citrus fruit). Based on your preferences and possible limitations, there are plenty of options! The winter diet can be very delicious, too. My personal choice is various citrus fruit, and our fridge is now packed with oranges and tangerines.

Tired of just eating citrus fruit? Add them in recipes then! I already shared the recipe for this delightful
Tangerine Chicken Smoked Cheddar Salad last week, and there’s going to be another salad idea soon. In a meanwhile, let’s enjoy this Tangerine Thyme Cardamom Curd.

What can I say about the combo of tangerines, thyme, and cardamom? It’s super fresh, elegant, and delicious. I also used this trio for my Mulled Wine Collection. Give it a try and boost your health. Just please don’t relly entirely on mulled wine :)

Yes, it’s not the healthy way to boost your immune system, but it’s very enjoyable. Besides, you cannot argue that it’s not packed with vitamin C. You can play with mandarin oranges using tangerines, mandarins, clementines, or a combination of various kinds. I love tart citrus fruit, but the tangerines were rather sweet that time, so I added a bit of lemon juice as well. I also thought that the flavour was a bit bland, so I enhanced it with cardamom and fresh thyme. By the way, thyme is relatively high in vitamin C, but it certainly cannot beat tangerines unless you eat a pound of it haha.

Cheers and see you soon.

6 thoughts on “Tangerine Thyme Cardamom Curd

  1. Laura says:

    I love any type of curd, but haven’t ever tried making tangerine curd. And with thyme and cardamom, it sounds heavenly! I also adore your photo of the tangerines, Ben! It makes me want to reach out and grab one, but i wouldn’t want to disturb the beautiful composition of the art!

  2. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    Ugh, rain and freezing overnight temps are an ugly combo. Where I’m from in Oregon it rarely snows but it rains a lot so when it freezes at night, watch out. I’m loving this curd though! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned just how much I love cardamom. It’s my very favorite flavor ever! I can imagine how good it is paired with tangerine!

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