Tangerine Chicken Smoked Cheddar Salad

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This refreshing, light but satisfying Tangerine Chicken Smoked Cheddar Salad with fennel, spinach, and pistachios is packed with texture and seasonal flavour.

Hello, everyone! Can you believe it’s February already? Although it’s sad that life passes by so fast, I am also happy we’re officially done with January which is indeed rather a strange month. Also, February means spring is approaching (Have you noticed days have gotten significantly longer already?)

On the other hand, I love winter for an abundance of seasonal fruit such as persimmons and pomegranates and citrus fruit from blood oranges to clementines. I am that person who enjoys seasonal fruit. Of course, I miss watermelons and cherries during the cold time, but I won’t buy them in winter because a) They’re expensive; b) They’re not that succulent and delicious than in season; c) See above – it’s the season of oranges! There are only two exceptions: pears and apples which are good all year round (You cannot beat apples picked in fall, though!) and, of course, tropical fruit like bananas and pineapples.

If you had a chance to peek inside my fridge, you would find it’s packed with tangerines and oranges. I can literally eat two pounds of citrus fruit at once. I also heard that it’s been discovered that 7 clementines or tangerines a day will make you happy. I don’t know either this is true or false (I haven’t found any proof on the web), but this works for me!

And I am suggesting to improve our mood and happiness right now. How? Let’s make this Tangerine Chicken Smoked Cheddar Salad. It’s super refreshing, and it brings a beautiful combination of sweet and tart flavours. It’s satisfying thanks to the addition of chicken and smoked cheddar, but at the same time, it’s not too heavy. Fennel adds some extra freshness and pistachios add the texture.

That’s a perfect winter salad to satisfy your palate and improve your mood. There’s only one question left: what are you waiting for? Go and try it!


5 thoughts on “Tangerine Chicken Smoked Cheddar Salad

  1. Marissa says:

    What am I waiting for – that IS the question! This salad looks fabulous, Ben! I can’t get enough citrus this time of year so this salad is totally calling my name.

  2. Laura says:

    What a lovely salad, Ben! I love anything with citrus, and citrus with chicken and smoky cheese – super yum! I love a full-meal salad, too and this is perfect for this time of year! Thanks for the recipe!

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