Three Meat Eggplant Pasta

This Three Meat Eggplant Pasta is jam-packed with the texture and all the smoky flavours thanks to three kinds of meat – Italian sausage, pancetta, and prosciutto.

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Plum Pancetta Blue Cheese Flatbread

This Plum Pancetta Blue Cheese Flatbread is a quick, elegant, and delicious recipe featuring summer fruit, pancetta, and fragrant rosemary. It also combines three kinds of cheese such as cream cheese, smoked cheddar, and pungent blue cheese.

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Roasted Beetroot Pancetta Bruschetta

This Roasted Beetroot Pancetta Bruschetta is a fantastic combination of sweet and salty notes. Aromatic balsamic vinegar and pungent blue cheese are nice touches too.

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Apple Pancetta Naan Pizza

This Apple Pancetta Naan Pizza with smoked cheddar and Brie is a delightful way to enjoy the autumn ingredients.

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Leek Pancetta Pasta

Leek Pancetta Pasta|

Even though we all need the summer versions of pasta now, this Leek Pancetta Pasta is so delicious, creamy, and rich that you just cannot resist!

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