Coffee Walnut Cardamom Ice Cream

This rich and decadent Coffee Walnut Cardamom Ice Cream is a delicious and refreshing dessert.

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Coconut Ice Cream “Bounty”

Decadent, rich, and delicate, this┬áCoconut Ice Cream “Bounty” with a chocolate fudge ribbon is a nutty and refreshing dessert which tastes almost like…”Bounty” bars!

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Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

Luscious Dulce de Leche Ice Cream with chopped pecans, chocolate, and coffee is a decadent dessert with a distinctive caramel flavor.

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Chocolate Salami

Sometimes all we need is a simple but delicious dessert. Preferably with chocolate. For such occasions, this Chocolate Salami is an answer.

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Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Hello, friends! Are you excited to see some NORMAL chocolate cookies after all my experiments with lavender and Irish cream? I know. So do I.

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