Braised Red Cabbage

This Braised Red Cabbage topped with crispy bacon and rosemary is a delicious side dish for the wintertime and holidays.

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Creamy Chestnut Soup

This Creamy Chestnut Soup is a festive and comforting dish that would be so great for your Christmas celebrations.

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Rowan Berries Apple Bacon Sauce

This Rowan Berries Apple Bacon Sauce might be a nice alternative to a traditional cranberry sauce. Bonus: the recipe for Cranberry Bacon Apple Sauce is included!

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Apple Bacon Walnut Salad

This delicious Apple Bacon Walnut Salad with an easy cranberry dressing is a delightful way to enjoy some beautiful autumn flavours.

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Bacon Maple Baked Beans

These Bacon Maple Baked Beans, slightly sweet, and with a fabulous flavor of smoked paprika, are the ultimate comfort dish.

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