Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Naan Pizza

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Easy to make, gooey, and so delicious, this Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Naan Pizza will satisfy your cravings for some quick flatbread pizza.

Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Naan Pizza

Hello, my friends. I hope you started a new week well. If it could have been better – well, there’s a quick and highly efficient way to fix it. A pizza! Why not this Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Naan Pizza?

I am going to keep it extremely short today. There is quite a list of things I need to do these days. Besides, there’s no any fascinating stories to tell you. Sorry about that. But I have a feeling you can forgive me for not being very talkative today. Certainly, this Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Naan Pizza might help in that.

What could be faster than a flatbread pizza? (We are not talking about frozen pizza. But who needs a frozen pizza when you can whip up a flatbread pizza in no time?) Technically, this Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Naan Pizza isn’t that quick as you need to prepare chicken first. However, let’s imagine you have some chicken leftovers (BBQ pulled chicken will be great here!), so in this case, you will need just less than 15 minutes to pull everything together. Sounds good?

I used sun-dried tomato pesto instead of tomato sauce, and it worked perfectly. Add some moist and tender chicken (I used chicken breasts, but you can be flexible), sprinkle with pine nuts, and lots of cheese. And voila – you’ve got a delicious meal! Talking about cheese, I used mozzarella and cheddar (which also resulted in this marble effect), and I also incorporated some of the cream cheese which makes pizza even more moist and delicious.

That’s indeed everything I wanted to say about this Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Naan Pizza. Now it’s your turn – try it!





8 thoughts on “Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Naan Pizza

  1. karrie @ Tasty Ever After says:

    I just realized today that I have not been over to your blog in awhile Ben! I’m a bad blogger friend, but glad I visited today to see this naan pizza. I have everything on hand, except the nann. Calling the Hubby now to have him pick some up on his way home so we can have this for dinner tonight! YUMMMMMMMMM!

  2. Shashi at SavorySpin says:

    Ben, your naan pizzas sound way more delicious than anything store bought! Using that sundried tomato pesto as a base is such a brilliant idea and that combo of cream cheese and mozz and cheddar makes for one luscious topping! GORGEOUS photos BTW!

  3. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    I’m loving your flatbread pizzas! You’re so much more creative with your toppings than I am. I’ve used regular pesto on pizzas before and love it so I can only imagine how much I’d love pizza with sun-dried tomato pesto. Just yum times a million!

  4. says:

    I’m going to need to try your addition of cream cheese on a flatbread pizza that I make in future Ben. I’m intrigued by that. Pine nuts on any pizza / flatbread I love too, and the sprinkling of a little fresh basil has me salivating! Also I do love how every different naan pizza you do has a different twist of toppings and flavours to it. I look forward to lots more!

  5. David @ Spiced says:

    Interesting idea using a bit of cream cheese on these naan pizzas, Ben! I like it! I can see how the cream cheese combined with the mozz would yield an incredibly creamy topping…and incredibly delicious. I need to try one of these naan pizzas sometime soon. They look so good! Oh, and the pine nuts on top is a really fun addition, too. I’ve never thought about putting pine nuts on a pizza. Sounds delicious!

  6. Kim Lange says:

    Omg I’m like drooling so hard over this. I would hate you too see me right now! LOL! Seriously, this looks so, so amazing and I love your food styling! I love chicken and sun-dried tomatoes together and there you go and put in on naan bread! Genius! So beautiful Ben!

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