Strawberry Red Wine Sorbet

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This luscious and refreshing  Strawberry Red Wine Sorbet is a perfect recipe for dealing with summer heat. Did you know you can incorporate either red or white wine into sorbet? It’s super delicious. Try it out!

This recipe was originally posted in July 2015. I have taken and uploaded new photos while the recipe and blog post remain the same. 

We love fruit farms where you can grab some excellent seasonal produce. Or better to say, we love the idea of “pick your own”. That’s much more fun!

Having been living in Canada just for 3 years, we have already got our new tradition. We started with picking some tons of apples and few pumpkins in 2013, and since that it’s a must fall entertainment. Oh boy, I should start thinking about apple recipes. What about apple and lavender, haha?

Plus, last year first time ever we picked some cherries in the Niagra region. That was a lot of fun, believe me! Picking cherries while outrageous downpour it’s an exciting event. We got soaking wet. We got something like 20 pounds of cherries too. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to repeat that this year because the cherry season abruptly finished.

However, we’ve got new experience this summer having picked some local strawberries. We did that at the beginning of July, when the season was almost over, so it was quite a long process to fill the containers. Plus, it was quite a sweltering day. On top of that, I didn’t feel that well. I thought my summer allergy had deteriorated cause I hadn’t been taking the medicine for a few days to have a rest from it. However, when we got home, I realized I caught a cold. That wasn’t really bad, but the scratchy throat, itchy eyes, and heavy head are never your good friends, right? By the way, while body temperature most of people increases during a cold, mine goes down. Let’s say, the normal body temperature is 37 degrees C. So if you have over 37 while having a cold, I will likely be having something around 35 or even below.

I told you – I’m an abnormal guy!

That’s why I didn’t want to cook even though I was planning a few stunning things with the strawberries.

The only one thing I wanted was to eat those berries:) Just kidding. I didn’t want that either.

I’ve got a good approach to getting over my colds, though. As soon as I feel I’m about to get it or it has just started, I hit the gym. I don’t mean you should go there if you have any severe symptoms and you’re sneezing and coughing every two seconds. But if you’re not that contagious, why not.

That helps me, at least. So, the next day I did that even though it was quite a challenge. That might have been one of the hardest time in the gym I ever had. But on the other hand, I felt much better. I felt that better that I might or might not have eaten a few pounds of the strawberries. Not sure. It was definitely a blackout. But the truth is while I was having the blackout, one large container just disappeared.

The next day I got my treatment in the gym once more. Well, that may be not a perfectly medical approach, but I believe if it helps you – that helps, right?

Anyway, by Tuesday I had almost got over my cold and I was ready to go into the kitchen! I’ve already shown you the recipe for Zucchini soup I made those days. And I immediately needed to use up the remaining strawberries. I told you I might have had a few blackouts:)

Perhaps, I was still a bit delusional, but I wanted some alcohol. I mean, I wanted it in my recipe. Haha, what did you think? Strawberry sorbet always is a good idea! A couple years back I made Strawberry Red Wine Sorbet, and it turned awesome!

Basically, everything was set up.

When I did it the first time, I made the fruit sugar syrup and let the alcohol burn out a bit. Nowadays, having the ice cream maker, everything is simpler. I just blend all the ingredients and throw them into the ice cream maker, and that’s all. I even don’t need to use sugar. Perhaps, just a touch, for the texture. And sure, I didn’t bother burning out the alcohol either.

Opt for wine of your taste. Since we got the beautiful sweet and fragrant berries, I chose the dry wine, with the distinctive flavor. If you have watery strawberries or not really sweet, you can grab a wine high in sugar or even fruit one. In fact, you can even substitute it for sparkling wine and get a cocktail version. Or take peaches instead of strawberries to indulge yourself kind of Bellini sorbet….but this is definitely the another recipe, haha. Or just for any case, pears and white wine are the great friends for sorbet! Or mojito sorbet….Mmm. Stop it, Ben!

But for now, make this Strawberry Red Wine Sorbet. I’m almost begging you.

You won’t be disappointed!

What about you, friends? Have you ever incorporated any alcohol in sorbet? Do you practice any sport activities as a remedy against a cold? Have you picked your fruit and berries this summer?

23 thoughts on “Strawberry Red Wine Sorbet

  1. shashi at runninsrilankan says:

    A good sweat session is truly magical – I do the same thing when I feel a cold coming on, and voila, it’s gone the next day! However, my dad used to subscribe to the whole ” a little alcohol would kill of any germs” deal – what’s amusing to me is that you (unintentionally) took my dad’s and my remedy’s and put them together – this sounds wonderful Ben – the color is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. David Dial (@SpicedBlog) says:

    We have a cherry tree in our backyard, but it didn’t blossom this year! The tree is super happy, but no luck on the fruit. Someone said it had to do with the temperatures this winter, but who knows. But that’s ok. I’ll just stick to this amazing sorbet instead. What a great flavor combo…perfect for summer!
    David Dial (@SpicedBlog) recently posted…S’more Chocolate Marshmallow CakeMy Profile

  3. Thao @ In Good Flavor says:

    Two of our friends are coming along with us to Italy later this year. When we get together (which is not that often due to distance), we try to drink a lot of red wine to acclimate ourselves to the Italian diet. I will need to make this incredible looking sorbet the next time I see them! It will not be lacking in liquor! I swear by Airborne (not sure if you have it in Canada). With a houseful of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who are always sick, I take Airborne every time I feel a cold developing. It really helps prevent or lessen the cold symptoms. Mind over matter? Not sure. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right!
    Thao @ In Good Flavor recently posted…Chewy Chocolate Toffee CookiesMy Profile

  4. Emanuele @ guyslovecooking says:

    Believe it or not I have not picked my own fruits in quite a while. Yes, I know I should be ashamed of myself, especially because all the food bloggers I follow seem to be sooooo freaking good at picking and then cooking what’s been picked.
    Last time must have been 6-7 years ago, and that was not even picking, but collecting. Collecting chestnut that had naturally fell from trees.
    Red is my favourite colors, which means these pics are my favourite, Ben :)
    Emanuele @ guyslovecooking recently posted…Grilled pork & noodles (Bún chả)My Profile

    • Ben Maclain|Havocinthekitchen says:

      What? 7 years?! And even not picking? That’s definitely disappointing, Emanuel! As you fairly mentioned, you should be ashamed. But I’ve got your thing about the colors. Believe me, I’m going to be cooking more red food and using only red props, haha:)

  5. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    You know I have a thing for alcohol in recipes, especially paired with fruit, so this sorbet sounds all sorts of fantastically delicious, Ben!! The color is simply magnificent! I could easily eat a gallon of this strawberry red wine sorbet. In one sitting! Deeeeef-initely making this soon! By the way, you go to the gym when you are starting to not feel good??? You ARE crazy!!!!! Lol. Cheers buddy and feel better!!! ♡
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Green Goddess & Salmon Summer Bibb Wedge SaladMy Profile

  6. Sam @ SugarSpunRun says:

    Yum, I love the sound of this (I actually have something sorta similar coming up on my blog next week, so you and I are on similar wine-wavelengths).
    This seriously looks so good, and how perfect and refreshing for this HOT time of year!

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