Strawberry Dessert Soup with Citrus Rosemary Sorbet

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Strawberry Dessert Soup with Citrus Rosemary Sorbet |

Let’s be honest. There are certain desserts which undoubtedly make you eager to eat them. That’s because they’ve got an impeccable reputation, and you know their flavors will meet you expectations.  For example, “tiramisu” is one of the most delicious desserts ever, right? Well, you might have tried once or twice quite a lousy tiramisu while eating out, but you will never give up on it. Because it’s tiramisu. This name just sounds terrific. You even might be willing to try its different variations, classic and not. Perhaps even lavender tiramisu won’t sound that bad for you. Am I right?

Strawberry Dessert Soup with Citrus Rosemary Sorbet |

In my book, the name of a dessert is critical. You might have never tried a croquembouche, but I do believe this name doesn’t bother you. It’s likely this word makes you mouth watering. Or baklava. This word was created to make everyone happy.

Well, there are still some desserts didn’t happen to get any reputable name.

Let’s say (please have a seat and better near to your first aid kit since you may need it) a dessert soup!

Okay, let’s count the number of fainted people now. Is everyone all right?

Shall I repeat?

Dessert Soup. And it’s the character of my today blog post.

Strawberry Dessert Soup with Citrus Rosemary Sorbet |

I’m not going to lie to you – that’s not the most appealing word for a dessert. I know some people for whom it sounds almost obnoxious. And I totally feel sorry for a dessert soup to not have managed to get a better name. That could have been a much more prominent dessert.

But this summer I’m going to try to change your opinion about this thing! I know it’s difficult, but I’m a stubborn dude. Because it’s a delicious, beautiful, and easy to make one. And I’m not afraid to mention it’s almost a healthy dessert. In fact, you’ve got to make some kind of fruit or berry puree and jazz it up with a few key ingredients such as herbs or spices. Basically, no cream needed. But a scoop of ice cream or sorbet won’t hurt. Done.

Strawberry Dessert Soup with Citrus Rosemary Sorbet |

This time I decided on the strawberry dessert soup with a rose twist, topped with some homemade rosemary, lime and lemon sorbet. Just imagine – quite sweet soup with the tart and zesty sorbet which gradually melts and incorporates into the soup. Doesn’t that sound great, eh? On a sweltering summer day, it’s paradise!

If you are not convinced yet, may I give you a nasty piece of advice? Substitute those cream I added for a few spoons of white rum, and your evening will be more charming:)

Strawberry Dessert Soup with Citrus Rosemary Sorbet |



16 thoughts on “Strawberry Dessert Soup with Citrus Rosemary Sorbet

  1. KevinIsCooking says:

    Ben I absolutely LOVE everything about this. First, visually it’s stunning. Second the idea intrigues me and then there’s the flavors. WOW! I would try this in a heartbeat.

  2. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    This looks devine, Ben! I am actually a huge fan of soup-esq desserts, especially during the summer. Kinda creepy because I made one the other day… but it was not really a “dessert”. It’ll be on the blog at some point… when I’m not surrounded by boxes and moving states. I’m LOVING yours- the flavors, the color- superb! And I will most definitely take mine with some rum! Please and thank you! ♡ can’t wait to make this once I’m all settled in my new kitchen!! This is the perfect way to celebrate summer. And my new home! Cheers, buddy!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Heirloom Tomato Carpaccio {with Burrata, Basil Granita, Prosciutto Rosettes & Fig Balsamic}My Profile

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