Spinach Pancakes

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Do you like pancakes, friends?

I guess most of you will answer “yes”.

What could be better than a stack of warm and fluffy pancakes for your Sunday breakfast (or better late brunch?). Well, maybe some lace crepes.

Just imagine this picture: pancakes or crepes and a few lovely toppings of your choice. What would you choose? Fruit preserves or maybe a handful of fresh berries? Or what about lemon and sugar? Or would you love to opt something simple and hearty like butter and honey? Or let’s have “dolce vita” and top them with dulce de leche – that would be so dulcet!:) Would you pick a common North American combo of bacon and maple syrup finally?


Does that sound mouthwatering to you?

That is not the healthiest option to start you day off, but your Sunday meal is not supposed to be totally healthy, right? What’s the point?


However, you can make a stack of delicious pancakes which could be considered as quite a healthy alternative – spinach pancakes.

They are packed with spinach (surprisingly!), taste great, and so green:) Plus, served with Greek yogurt and feta cheese topping, they are a good source of protein. As about the texture, they are moist and resemble zucchini fritters.

They are really the delish way to start your Sunday off!


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