Smoked Salmon Goat Cheese Biscuits

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These Smoked Salmon Goat Cheese Biscuits are possibly the most elevated savory bisquits you have seen in your life!

One Question

There’s a thing. I didn’t plan to make these cookies or biscuits, whatever you’ll like to call them.

But before I explain this story, let me ask you one question, please. Do you often have a situation when you’ve got to alter or completely substitute a recipe you’ve been planning and wanting to make? We had a similar discussion in my recent post. I bet most of you will give a positive answer.

Please proceed to the second part of my question. Does this upset you? Has it ever made you feel down? Well, probably you shouldn’t. Because this kind of events could lead you to something even more fabulous. That was exactly the way these Smoked Salmon Goat Cheese Biscuits happened to be.

A month ago or so, I was planning to make one scrumptious dish with smoked salmon. Indeed, I had been postponing it for a few months, and I was excited to finally make it. It’s necessary to say, sometimes I don’t share with Andrey recipes I’m going to make. Kind of a surprising mood of whatsoever (Are you like me or you always inform your family about your plans?)

Anyway, I had not been revealing this sensitive info for a week. However, when making our groceries, Andrey asked me about the plans, and I cracked.

I had depicted his reaction in a different way, though. I didn’t expect him jumping and applauding because I had already made this dish in the past, so he knew what to anticipate. Still, I expected some excitement.

And you know what did he say? He didn’t fancy that idea too much, and he said he would prefer something different. Like a veggie salad with smoked salmon.

Smoked Salmon Goat Cheese Biscuits

I responded with dignity. In a nutshell, I said I wouldn’t cook anything that weekend.

I might or might not throw a little tantrum saying there’s no room for a talent’s development in our house.

A few hours later, having cooled down, I started to brainstorm what would I make with the smoked salmon which had already been thawed. Otherwise, there was a chance that Andrey would put it all in salads and on toasts. I didn’t mind, but I needed to show I’m a flexible and creative too (Although, in the grocery store I failed to demonstrate this.)

As you might know, I’m currently having a kick on savory cookies. Salmon cookies? Why not! I googled this idea, and it looked like it was quite a unique one.

Basically, I didn’t think too much decided to use most of the ingredients I had for the Cancelled Dish. Salmon, cream cheese, cheddar, buckwheat flour, dill…Smoked Salmon Goat Cheese Biscuits to be!

The greatest news that Andrey did love them. I don’t think a person could lie while gobbling up a dozen of cookies during the day.

Honestly, I don’t think they look as good as they taste. Nope, they ain’t look all fabulous and exciting (Partially, the buckwheat flour contributes to their look.) But wait. Although they don’t have an outstanding look, don’t get it twisted. These bisquits are soft, delicious, and they the perfect snack or appetizers to wine or champagne.

7 thoughts on “Smoked Salmon Goat Cheese Biscuits

  1. Marissa says:

    Yes, I know what you mean about having to alter recipes. I’m surprised how often I’ll forget just one thing and have to wing a replacement.

    Love this savory cookie / cracker kick! And sounds like Andrey does too! ;)
    Marissa recently posted…Spicy Grilled ShrimpMy Profile

  2. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says:

    YES, I often find myself having to alter a recipe, but it’s even worse when I make a recipe, it’s a complete fail and I have NO clue how to fix it. That just happened to me the other day with popsicles. I’m still upset! ;) Anyways, LOVE these cookies! As much as I do like sweets, I’m a savory girl, so these are calling my name! I mean smoked salmon and goat cheese!? What’s not to love?! Cheers, buddy!
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Avocado Sriracha Hummus with Grilled CornMy Profile

  3. David @ Spiced says:

    Haha! I love your idea of responding with dignity. :-) So I used to tell Laura about every recipe I was going to make, and I’d often ask her for input. She pretty much told me that she didn’t want to know, so I just switched to doing my own thing. I do give her a heads up that I’ll have dinner ready…or dessert ready…or an appetizer ready. But after that, it’s all a surprise! As far as this recipe, what a fun idea! I do love smoked salmon (I’m sure you guys have great smoked salmon up there), and I love goat cheese, too. Sign me up for a couple of these cookies/crackers!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Smoked Mozzarella Pasta SaladMy Profile

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