Smoked Cheddar Asparagus Mimosa

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With the spring inevitably coming, this delightful Smoked Cheddar Asparagus Mimosa is a lovely option for the warm and bright days.

This post was originally published in April 2016. I have updated the photos while the text and recipe remain the same. 

But first of all, I’ve got a question. How do you determine which recipes to publish or not? Publishing is a very responsible step, in my opinion. There are millions of recipes on the Intermit, so I am often being doubtful about posting another one.

I mean, if you have some great stuff – that’s the easiest way. You’ve got to post it. It does not mean the food has to be absolutely unique, but there has to be something interesting.  Even a little twist counts.  Unfortunately, I am not that guy who can develop something lovely regularly.  The good example is this Blackberry Lavender Pasta or this Smoked Salmon Avocado Crepes Salad.

But most of the time, when it comes to blogging, I ask myself does this dish deserve to be among the other 1 522092 (or perhaps, even 1 522099) recipes? Do people really need another pizza (oatmeal, pasta, donut, lavender, etc recipe)? Please disregard the word “lavender”. You need it. Always. No doubts. Is it relevant to publish another Bolognese pasta (just an example – never published it indeed)? An avocado toast? Not sure. Unless you have homemade bread, avocados from your garden and eggs kindly picked up on your farm. Sorry – I don’t live on a farm!

Yup, perhaps I am being too harsh on myself.

Last April I made Asparagus Mimosa planning to publish the recipe one day. However, I ended up thinking over and over should I really do that. My hesitation lasted quite a bit when finally, a few months back, I decided I didn’t like the pictures. Besides, who would be surprised by this recipe?

Everything changed this Easter when I decided to incorporate smoked cheddar in this famous dish. It turned out to be so delicious that I made it again a week later. So today I am proudly sharing this Smoked Cheddar Asparagus Mimosa. While using the classical recipe with mustard, olive oil, lemon juice, and eggs, I also added some awesome ingredients such as smoked cheddar (You got it from the name, didn’t you?), smoked paprika, and maple syrup. If I had had some smoked salt and smoked mustard, I would have added them too.

I used Dijon mustard and honey mustard, but I found appropriate to incorporate some more sweetness – maple syrup. But that’s up to you.

In a nutshell, this Smoked Cheddar Asparagus Mimosa is something you should try this spring because of the combination of delicate crisp asparagus, tangy and sweet dressing, and all these beautiful smoked keynotes.

Yes, you’ve to try this. I am not doubtful about this.

What’s on your list of spring cooking, folks?


10 thoughts on “Smoked Cheddar Asparagus Mimosa

  1. Kevin | Keviniscooking says:

    Beautiful presentation Ben. When I first read the post title I instantly thought of the champagne and OJ drink and how in the world you were going to work the two together, but this looks quite delish.
    Love asparagus and that sauce sounds great. Is there something else in it? The third photo makes it seem like there are little seeds or something red in it too. Just curious :) That picture alone is perfect, but with the grated yolks, wow, just beautiful!
    Kevin | Keviniscooking recently posted…Rajasthan Indian Dal Makhani – Creamy Restaurant StyleMy Profile

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    When I saw mimosa, I was thinking…now how did Ben incorporate smoked cheddar and asparagus into a cocktail? But then I opened up this post to see this beautiful recipe. Delicious! Smoked cheddar makes everything better. Everything. Even lavender doughnuts. And as far as one more recipe, just put it out there! There might be a lot of recipes out on the interwebs, but there are also a lot of people out here, too. Grab your slice of internet pie, my friend!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Cheesy Spinach and Sundried Tomato FocacciaMy Profile

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