Sauteed Tomatoes Polenta

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Rich, creamy, savory, and super satisfying, this Sauteed Tomatoes Polenta will be ready in less than 10 minutes as we are using instant polenta.


This post was originally posted in April 2015. I have taken and uploaded new photos while the recipe and blog post remain unchanged. 

I’ve got to confess. I’ve been having a kick on polenta recently. 

To be honest, my kitchen adventures are about these kicks. It’s kind of balancing out, and usually, I lose going ridiculously far. The good example is cake doughnuts which I’ve been baking unstoppably for a few months now.

I guess that means being a passionate person. Yes, I am a very passionate guy!

On the other hand, polenta is definitely not doughnuts. I mean at least it’s a healthier thing to make, without any notorious background. And thus, there is nothing to be embarrassed cooking, eating and posting the pictures of your polenta on the Internet.

I’ve noticed polenta is a fancy dish these days, too. There are plenty of whimsical toppings to make a gourmet happy!

And everybody seems to love it. Perhaps, except my man – he’s got a skeptical eye at polenta which is totally strange. But I am okay with that since this means I don’t need limiting myself in ingredients. I can grab sun-dried tomatoes, blue cheese, and some other things at which my food taster has a skeptical eye. Ups, that was a spoiler :) Anyways, stay tuned and you will find some lovely ideas to liven up your polenta!

There is a new slogan – forget a doughnut, make a plate of polenta! (And have a doughnut later on).

What’s your favorite polenta, friends?


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