Rowan Berries Orange Curd

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This luscious and tasty Rowan Berries Orange Curd with a delightful bitter aftertaste is a great way to enjoy some vitamins during cold autumn days.

Hello, my friends! I hope you’re doing well despite Monday.  After all, Mondays are not that bad with this positive and yummy Rowan Berries Orange Curd. On the other hand, it’s still Monday, and I am normally not an extremely talkative guy. This means it’s going to be a short post today. Don’t be so happy about this, though; please show some respect.

A couple of weeks back I introduced rowen berries (As a part of this Rowan Berries Apple Jam) to some of you. Some important things have happened since that. First of all, I found out that Rowan berries are in fact…a fruit. Still, if you browse the Internet, you’ll discover that both names are commonly used. Another thing is that thanks to Dawn I am now aware that Rowan berries are also well-known as dogberries in Newfoundland&Labrador and Nova Scotia. So, technically, as I currently reside in Nova Scotia, I should probably be using this name as well.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick some berries since my first time, probably it’s a good time now. It is considered that these berries are better to harvest after the first frosts as their bitterness reduces. But please hurry because birds are not going to wait for you. The good thing is that you don’t need a lot of these berries as they have a strong flavour. You can also place some berries in the freezer and enjoy them during autumn and winter. Please refer to my previous post to find out more information about the use of these berries.

This easy recipe is another great way to enjoy these berries…I mean fruit. Pairing them with oranges cuts the bitterness. Many people find that cooked berries have a cranberry aftertaste. Agreed. They also have something similar to the bitterness of grapefruit too, I think.

So, have a walk and the autumn forest, pick some berries, and make this Rowan Berries Orange Curd.





4 thoughts on “Rowan Berries Orange Curd

  1. says:

    I should try out some of your different curds shouldn’t I Ben? I’m a bit boring in only ever making lemon curd (which I already mentioned in my comment to your previous Rowan Berries Apple Jam). My problem is getting Rowan Berries. We do have Rowan Berry trees around here but they are all neatly trimmed and I’d have to get a ladder to get at the berries. Ha ha! I’ll maybe just have to make do and stare at these delicious photogrpahs instead. What a great and creative recipe Ben!

  2. Dawn - Girl Heart Food says:

    Lol! Thanks for the shout out Ben ;) I love homemade curds, but have never made one quite like this but I imagine that it’s just lovely! With the tart rowan/dogberries and the sweet orange it must make for one heck of a curd. Imagine this on ice-cream or even Greek yogurt…what a treat. And the colour is a beauty!

  3. David @ Spiced says:

    Interesting! I remember making curd out of blueberries a while back, and this seems like a slight twist on that. Orange + cranberry is a classic holiday flavor, so I see what you did here with the Rowan berries (dog berries) instead of cranberries. Sounds delicious! Also, the process of waiting until after the first frost reminds me of how they make ice wine out in the Finger Lakes area. The frost brings out the sweetness of the berry/grape. How someone figured that process out is beyond me! Well done with this fun recipe, my friend!
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