Rowan Berries Apple Bacon Sauce

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This Rowan Berries Apple Bacon Sauce might be a nice alternative to a traditional cranberry sauce. Bonus: the recipe for Cranberry Bacon Apple Sauce is included!

Rowan Berries Apple Bacon Sauce

Hello, lovely people! I hope you’re doing all right. I know every other person is saying that these days, but can you believe our American friends are celebrating Thanksgiving just in two weeks? Can you believe that Canada celebrated it over a month ago? The good thing about being a food blogger living in Canada is that you can celebrate this holiday twice. Not literally, but I like sharing festive Thanksgiving ideas in November as well.

How about some condiment in form of this delicious Rowan Berries Apple Bacon Sauce? It’s unusual and a bit cheeky but rather tasty. I have already shared some other Rowan berries recipe (Check out this jam and curd), and it’s time for something savory now.

Thanksgiving also means the borderline to Christmas season, and I am excited that some fellow bloggers have started sharing some ideas. Even though I will be still posting autumn recipes for the next two weeks, I have already prepared and photographed some Christmas recipes as well. There’s an embarrassing secret. I made and photographed my very first Christmas recipe this year over a month ago when we celebrated…Thanksgiving! I know; that’s way too early for me. However, in my excuse, that recipe included turkey leftovers, so I felt obligated to pull some festive props. Also, I normally start my Christmas season (As a blogger)  at the end of November, but this time I speeded up.

There are two good reasons. First of all, that’s going to be my full winter in Nova Scotia, and I am not sure what to expect in terms of the natural light and weather (That’s the season of rains). Thus I expect I might not be able to photograph most of the weekends. Secondly, I have started a new job this week, so as a human being I expected I might not be willing to cook and photograph in the next few weekends even if we have nice weather.

In the meanwhile, let’s still enjoy some fall. As I said, this Rowan Berries Apple Bacon Sauce has a unique, sweet and savory and slightly bitter taste (Resembling grapefruit and cranberries) with some smoky flavours. Finally, you now that I am super nice and sensible (Right?) guys. I predicted that in November you would not have any Rowan berries at hand, that’s why I have created the cranberry version for you. How nice of me, right?

I did like Rowan Berries Apple Bacon Sauce. As for the cranberry version, it was nice too, but I think I like traditional cranberry sauce with my turkey the most. I hope some of you might still like to try this one too.


P.S. Are you excited about the Christmas season?

3 thoughts on “Rowan Berries Apple Bacon Sauce

  1. says:

    Congratulations regarding your new job! I’m getting my Christmas recipes together at the moment, but you’re definitely more up to speed than I am! This rowan berries apple bacon sauce is a nice twist and a different tasty condiment for Christmas day Ben. I like it!

  2. David @ Spiced says:

    A new job, eh? Congrats, Ben! I hope it’s working out well for ya. I hear you on making recipes when it’s not the season. I think that just comes with the territory for food bloggers. I have most of my Christmas posts already done, too. But that way I get to relax a bit during the holidays! Speaking of holidays, this sauce sounds delicious. I love the smoky bits of bacon in there. I’ll have to keep an eye out for rowan berries, though!
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Pumpkin Pie BarsMy Profile

  3. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen says:

    I’m definitely excited about Christmas and I already have several Christmas recipes ready to go–baking is even more fun this time of year! I still haven’t found rowan berries here but I’m on the lookout so I can try them for myself. Have a great week, Ben!

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