Rose Raspberry Layer Cake

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Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

Happy Monday, folks. Doesn’t these words “Happy Monday” sound a bit sarcastic to you? They should be. However, if you get a slice of this delicious Rose Raspberry Layer Cake, any Monday will be much better!

Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

Yup, I am still working on the perfect layer cake, that’s why it’s been already the second cake this year (Really? I though I’ve gained those two pounds cause of that celery and carrots).

Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

Indeed, it just happened. In February, we were celebrating our anniversary, so I made this Lavender Layer Cake. 2 weeks later Valentine’s Day occurred, and I couldn’t miss it even though we don’t really celebrate it. But it’s s good excuse to bake a layer cake, right?

Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

I think it’s quite obvious this Rose Raspberry Layer Cake was related to Valentine’s Day. However, it’s probably not really obvious that I don’t like the pink color.

Rose water and pink color. Raspberry and Valentines Day. Rose water and raspberries. How stereotypical is that, eh? But what kind of cake would you make for a romantic occasion? Black licorice cake? Really?

Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

This cake didn’t turn out perfect either. The biscuits were good but not enough moist. I should have generally brushed them with some liquid (better alcoholic kind), but I was quite sure the curd would be enough.

I was planning on making rose water meringues and placing them on the top. However, I might not have beaten enough the whites so the meringues became flat while baking. That’s why I decided to simply crumble them on the top. Not that sumptuous but anyways.

Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

On the other hand, the lemon rose mascarpone cream and raspberry curd turned out great. Sweet cream and luscious tart curd complemented each other really well. Well, I think I slightly screwed the curd as well. I wanted it acidic, so I added more lemon juice. As a result, it was a bit soupy, and I needed to add a little of starch to thicken it up.

Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

All right. It seems I screwed each element in this Rose Raspberry Layer Cake.

I didn’t screw one thing, though – eating. Because it was delicious! However, Andrey asked next time to choose a more classic flavor. I can deal with that. What about mango coconut cake? Or dulce de leche? Or snickers? Or lavender, haha? Okay, I have plenty of time – the next cake is going to be only in May.

Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

What do you think, guys? What kind of cake should I make next time? Would you ever consider making a black licorice cake on a romantic occasion?
Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

Rose Raspberry Layer Cake|

12 thoughts on “Rose Raspberry Layer Cake

  1. Jeff the Chef says:

    You’re so hard on yourself! That cake looks lovely. Rose water and raspberry is a nice combination. I like your cake’s color palette a lot and really like the layout of the two fillings. If you decide to create a romantic licorice cake, I hope you go with a deeply black-on-black palatte.
    Jeff the Chef recently posted…Cool, Blue, Sweet, and SpicyMy Profile

  2. karrie @ Tasty Ever After says:

    Wow, this cake looks beautiful! My screwed up cakes look way worse than yours! hahahahaha! ;) Seriously, it looks delish and the raspberry and lemon combo sounds divinely yummy. I think you should make a peanut butter and chocolate cake next time :)
    karrie @ Tasty Ever After recently posted…Spanish Pan PizzaMy Profile

  3. Kristen @ The Endless Meal says:

    What a pretty looking cake!

    Funny you should mention black licorice … I’ve had a pile of it in my pantry for ages and have been trying to figure out how to use it. I’m thinking ice cream, but black licorice cake would be delicious!

  4. David @ Spiced says:

    You didn’t screw this cake up at all, Ben! If you screwed it up, it would have been in the trash…and I somehow suspect that this cake didn’t end up in the trash. Am I right? I love the use of rose water here. Well done on that! And I’m thinking a black licorice cake wouldn’t be all that bad. It would be a great excuse to brush the cake layers with sambuca! :-)
    David @ Spiced recently posted…Pulled Pork TostadasMy Profile

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