Rose Glazed Cake Donuts

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I used to say we did not eat donuts.

I wish I could still say the same things.

In fact, just last year I mentioned on Instagram we had donuts only occasionally. Specifically, once in a while (two-three times per year) we stopped by Tim Hortons to grab a few (a few dozens I mean) and once in one or two years I made them at home.

Are you wondering what has changed since that time?

I had never tried baked donuts and I was quite curious to give them a try. That’s why I asked my hubby to present me a baking pan on Christmas.

Yes, it was totally his fault. He should not have listened to me at all. He should have presented something not that treacherous…maybe a smoothie recipe book.

As a result, I’ve gone a bit too far. I cannot tell how many donuts I have made for these three months but a lot. There are a few examples:

  • Chicken Bacon Maple Glazed Donuts
  • Maple and Whisky Glazed Donuts
  • Peanut Butter and Maple Syrup Donuts
  • Peanut Butter Maple Bacon Donuts
  • Tiramisu Donuts
  • Snickers Donuts
  • Lemon Mascarpone Glazed Donuts…

If you have not passed out yet, you can check all them (and much more) in Instagram.

Sure, I am not going to be posting all of them, at least since I was not going to do that and I took only “fast” snaps for Instagram. However, I’ve got some of them, pretty nice and delish.

Let’s get it started!

These Rose Glazed Donuts I made on Valentine’s Day (along with Pomegranate donuts which I’ll show later on). They were amazing! Moist, with a lovely rose flavor, and so pinky beautiful.


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